"Clone subjects in the study showed a more marked variation in biological age and genetic mutation than seen naturally occurring zygotic twins"
Doctor Bura Veujarij, Imperial Medical Review 1675[src]

Imperial Medical Review 1675, titled Aging and Tissue Degeneration in Kaminoan-cloned Troops, was a study carried out by the Imperial Institute of Military Medicine, a some point following the Clone Wars, to study how well Clone troopers were aging. They studied a group of 100 clones of 24 chronological years of age and, as they had been engineered to age at twice the rate of a normal human, they expected them to have aged to the equivalent of an ordinary Human. However, by studying key biomarkers, they found that the troopers had an age range from 34 to 65 years old, with a median of 48. They concluded that exposure to battlefield contaminants and high levels of sustained stress had combined to increase the rate at which the clones aged, although further research was needed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial Medical Review 1675 was quoted at the start of Chapter 2 in the novel Republic Commando: True Colors. As the plot of True Colors was based upon the increased aging of Clone troopers, the quote was probably included to bring more relevance to this.


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