The Imperial Naval Special Forces, also known as Imperial Special Naval Operations, Imperial Navy Special Forces and abbreviated SpecNav, was a special forces unit of of the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


The Imperial Naval Special Forces were the elite forces of the Imperial Navy that were incredibly secret; both the Alliance to Restore the Republic and even the majority of the Imperial Navy didn't know of their existence. The group reportedly had only about 700 men in service. The successful project was a joint operation between the Ubiqtorate of the Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Navy to create mobile infantry that did not require the use of the Imperial Army. The navy's aim was to eliminate their dependency on the army to establish beachheads on targeted planets, as the SpecNav Force troopers would be the first on the battlefield and serve as an advance force. The Ubiqtorate aim was to have troopers with special training necessary to allow them to be assigned on a wide variety of missions. These elite troopers were trained at Base D8-Red base in the Ringali Nebula. They were typically organized into squads of ten. These troops were hazardous, in addition to be deceptively quiet, crafty, and skilled. They were apparently trained in some form of hand-to-hand combat in addition to other weaponry.[2]


After the Battle of Yavin, a Imperial SpecNav unit known as the Venom Guard was deployed by Moff Sakai of the Thuris sector to eliminate Reekeene's Roughnecks, an Alliance to Restore the Republic guerrilla unit.[1] In 0 ABY, a group of ten SpecNav troopers participated in an Imperial operation to capture the Rebel frigate Far Orbit.[3]

A group of SpecNav troops defected to the New Republic after the Battle of Endor. They joined Elscol Loro's resistance movement and assisted Rogue Squadron during the Bacta War.[4]

In 13 ABY, several Wraith Squadron members disguised themselves as members of the Navy Special Forces when raiding a bar on Ryvester. It was part of a plot to free a jeweler from Admiral Teradoc of the Imperial Remnant.[5]



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