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"This area is strictly off-limits by order of the Emperor! Return to your ship immediately."
―An Imperial Navy commando to Galen Marek[1]

The Imperial Navy commandos were specially trained sentinel troopers that fought for the Galactic Empire. They were usually stationed on Imperial-class Star Destroyers, acting as elite units and often working along side (and in smaller numbers than) navy troopers.


Navy commandos were lightly armored soldiers that were trained for patrol, guard and monitor duty. Often navy commandos acted as elite guardsmen to provide extra punch to the navy trooper forces. At least some commandos were trained in piloting All Terrain Scout Transports, as one was seen during the Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility. They were typically stationed at key Imperial facilities where they provided accurate covering fire for other units. Squads consisted of five to seven commandos and a sergeant, and sometimes an officer or a medic.

Though they were part of the Imperial Navy and not the Stormtrooper Corps, Naval commandos nevertheless wore a similar uniform as the stormtroopers, though elements of the design were similar to that of the scout troopers: their black body suit partially revealed and little leg armor shared the resemblance to the scout troopers' own outfit. The Navy commandos appeared to have temperature-controlled chestplates similar to that of snowtroopers on their backplates, making them among the Empire's environmentally-specialized divisions of troopers. The helmets had wider visors than those of the stormtrooper variant, similar to that of the Scout trooper, with comlink antennas attached to the right side of the helmets.


An Imperial Navy commando sergeant.


Depending on their rank, mission, profile, and training protocol, an Imperial Navy commando primarily wielded the E-11 blaster rifle, which was standard issue. However, some sergeants carried laser-guided sniper rifles that were deadlier than the average weapon. Other commandos did not wield their rifles for the majority of their assignments; instead, these select troops manned blaster turrets stationed around the battleground. As a sidearm, they were provided with an EC17 holdout blaster pistol.

Though they did not use them often in battle, Navy commandos also carried thermal detonators as part of their equipment.


Most Navy commando helmets were equipped with comlink antennae. Squad sergeants often wore orange shoulder pauldrons and multipurpose backpacks as well as their specialized helmets, which were equipped with rangefinders. Each commando was issued a small black ammunition pouch that was worn near the left shoulder; this pouch stored extra ammo for their blasters.


Numerous Naval commandos were present on the Imperial shipyards over the planet Nar Shaddaa where they fought against members of Rahm Kota's militia, the commandos were outnumbered against the militia with most of the defending squads retreating or pinned down by the rebels. The defending commandos encountered by Galen Marek were killed in order to maintain his secrecy as Darth Vader's apprentice.

Later, the Empire stationed garrisons of Navy commandos on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple to prevent prying eyes from investigating the ruins; three groups of these soldiers were annihilated at the Temple by Marek.

Other garrisons were placed on Nar Shaddaa, Raxus Prime, and Felucia, where they were employed to patrol Imperial stations or cities. Another garrison was deployed on Kashyyyk during the Imperial occupation; the garrison was wiped out by Galen and various Wookiee dissidents.



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