Imperial Navy helmsmen aboard Executor.

"... In this time of rebellion and turmoil, most of you can expect to be stationed aboard vessels which will see action, or at bases which assist those ships. Others will be placed on picket in remote star systems, or be assigned planet-side to ordnance dumps, research stations, or other support duties. I cannot disguise the fact that some of these are unexciting missions, galling to the crewman anxious to prove himself in service to the Empire. I can encourage you to take heart, for your duty assignment is re-evaluated biannually. If there is need, and your performance warrants it, you will be transferred to a more vital assignment. In the same way, those who have seen combat for more than two standard years are rotated out to less taxing duties, allowing fresh vessels and crew to take their place. At least, that is the ideal the Navy strives for."
―Excerpt from crew graduation speech at Prefsbelt Fleet Camp, delivered by Moff Gaaqu.[src]

The Imperial Navy crewmen were the heart of the Imperial Navy. Millions of Imperial citizens were trained at academies on distant planets like Raithal to be starship pilots, technicians, and specialists. As Warrant Officers, these men operated helms, repaired vessels, and supported the operations of their superior officers.


Specialist officers of a scanning crew

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