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Special Imperial Navy troopers known as Death Star troopers onboard the second Death Star.

"Service, Fealty, Fidelity."
―Imperial Navy Trooper credo[src]

Imperial Navy troopers, also known as Naval Troopers, were soldiers in the Galactic Empire who were assigned by the Imperial Navy as part of Imperial Fleet Regiments to serve as guards, military police and soldiers onboard its many Star Destroyers and other installations, such as the Death Star.


Members of the Alliance Special Forces believed that the Imperial Navy troopers were considered a joke and that such soldiers rarely ever expected to enter into combat engagements. While this was the opinion of SpecForce members, this was not entirely true as Navy troopers tended to be both well equipped and adequately trained for their tasks. In addition, they did see combat but tended to lack the edge that blooded troops got from their engagements. Vessels and installations that were located in more remote regions tended to rely more on their Navy troopers. In some cases, such as those units stationed in the Outer Rim Territories, the Navy soldiers had gained enough experience to be a credible threat to their enemies. However, in general, Imperial Navy troopers were not considered a challenge to members of the Rebel Alliance's SpecOps.[1]

These men backed up stormtroopers and were created to provide the Imperial Navy a corps of troops separate from the Imperial Army and the Stormtrooper Corps for protection of their ships. After the initial boarding operations were conducted by Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy troopers often moved in to conduct mop up actions.[1] However, Crix Madine, a former Imperial soldier-turned Rebel General, indicated that the naval troopers are more likely to be encountered during a boarding action.[2]

An Imperial Fleet Regiment

Besides serving the Galactic Empire as soldiers and security guards, they handled hangar control traffic, monitored sensor arrays, and performed various other duties. They guarded the main conference room on the Death Stars and both arrested and escorted prisoners to their cells.

The Death Star troopers were the first to wear the distinctive black protective helmet and black uniform that soon spread to the other Imperial Navy trooper units.[source?] Their primary weapon was either a DH-17 blaster pistol or an E-11 blaster rifle.


During the Imperial Period, low-ranking Navy troopers piloted and monitored the orbital climate control mirrors around Coruscant. This was known as "riding the mirrors" and was considered the loneliest as well as most tedious assignment at the Galactic Capital.[3]

During the Galactic Civil War, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin selected the most highly trained elite Navy troopers in order to form a special detachment known as the Death Star troopers. These soldiers were the best and brightest within the Empire and were stationed on the Death Star I and the Death Star II.

Some were selected to serve in the Imperial Navy Special Forces.

Behind the scenes[]

This soldier was sold by LEGO in 2008's Death Star, 2009's Battle of Endor, and 2012's TIE Fighter sets. These characters are not to be mixed up with the Imperial gunners, although the Force Unleashed video game features a similar Imperial militia group called the Imperial Navy commandos.


An Imperial Navy trooper in full uniform.

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