This article is about the Sith Empire organization. You may be looking for the Imperial News Network of the Imperial Remnant.
"This is an Imperial News Network travel ban update. The planet Tatooine remains the site of a major rakghoul plague outbreak."
Unidentified Imperial announcer by holoprojector broadcast[src]

The Imperial News Network was a news broadcasting organization under the Ministry of Intelligence operated by the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War.


"If you encounter evidence of a rakghoul plague outbreak, report it immediately to the nearest Imperial military station. Failure to comply is considered treason. This has been an Imperial News Network special bulletin."
Unidentified Imperial announcer by audio broadcast[src]

Operating around the time of the Cold War, the Imperial News Network provided news updates to citizens of the Sith Empire by video at holoprojector sites at locations such as Vaiken Spacedock or by audio-only announcements at Sith facilities.

The news service was staffed by officers of the Sith military, and provided coverage on the outbreak of rakghoul plague, informing travelers of known quarantine sites and reminding them of their duties as Imperial citizens to help contain the plague.


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