"A Hutt's Class Five is an Iotran's Class One."
―Spacer saying, as related by Platt Okeefe[1]

The Imperial Penal References, or ImPeRe, were a set of Imperial infractions for spacers and smugglers. There were five classes of ImPeRe infractions, ranking from Class Five to Class One in severity, though differences in enforcement by customs officials meant the infractions could be unevenly applied.[1] They also had a subsection detailing infractions related to droids, known as the Droid Statutes.[2]


  • Class Fives, known as Quints, were usually for violating local import-export laws or lacking emergency equipment. Quints would receive a fine typically between 500 and 1000 credits, but that could easily be paid off by slipping a local officer a "personal benefit fee."[1] If violators were found to be in conjunction with the Rebel Alliance, then long-term imprisonment is the sentence.[3]
  • Class Fours, or Quads, were for expired licenses, minor tax evasion, or transporting common narcotics without a permit, however the penalty could be worse for spice jockeys if they ran into the Imperial Navy. Corellians would only consider a spacer a smuggler once they acquired their first Quad. A typical fine for this offense was between 1000 and 5000 credits.[1]
  • Class Threes, or Trips,[1] were for attempted bribery of Imperial or other officials, or illegal transport of higher-priced goods, high technology, and restricted items.[3] Trips were harder to remove unless one was outside the eyes of the Empire, where a carefully applied bribe could succeed (except, of course, in cases of attempted bribery).[1] Any ship transporting illegal goods was impounded and the captain arrested and taken to the local sector capital. A good lawyer could help the offender escape further punishment, however legal costs could potentially cost over 10,000 credits.[3]
  • Class Twos, or Deuces, were for illegal transport for expensive goods and guns, especially if mounting them.[1] These offenses could result in the arrest of the crew, the impounding of the ship, a fine of at least 10,000 credits, and five to thirty years in prison.[3] Deuces could also be brought about by accusations of piracy or Rebel activity, and in those cases, people would disappear and possibly be sentenced to death.[1]
  • Class Ones, or Aces, were capital offenses that brought the harshest penalties. They would be for attacking other spacers, aggression against Imperial personnel, possessing a cloaking device, or harboring conspiracy to overthrow the Empire.[1] Those caught would likely be sentenced to five to thirty years for all involved on an Imperial penal colony, and even possibly death.[3]


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