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"We do a more conceptual sort of soldiering. We fight the dark army of forgetting that threatens our history."
Talos Drellik[src]

The Imperial Reclamation Service was a division within the reconstituted Sith Empire that was responsible for archeological expeditions to recover both alien and ancient Sith artifacts. They also had the added duty of combating the threats represented by such relics.

Organization and philosophyEdit

"The Reclamation Service stands ready to serve."
Colonel Jadick[src]

It was known to the Sith Empire that the greatest of powers came not from weapons or armies, but rather mastery of the Dark side of the Force. Thus, the Imperial Reclamation Service was charged originally with seeking out legendary lost Sith artifacts. In time, its mission expanded to include any technological or religious artifact from any culture so long as it empowered the Empire. Upon its formation, it was technically a part of the Imperial Military and comprised of a mixed group of scholars and archaeologists that worked alongside experienced officers that were trained in history. They were sometimes regarded with suspicion or even derision by the rank-and-file Imperial soldiers. However, senior officials and Sith Lords were well aware of the potential of the Service in turning the tide in galactic struggle. Thus, the branch worked on Imperial-controlled worlds where they dedicated resources and used its authority to oversee massive excavations if evidence suggested that valuable artifacts were going to be unearthed. On neutral or even Republic-aligned worlds, they relied on more covert means of claiming lost treasures before they fell into the hands of an enemy of the Sith Empire.[3] Members of the Reclamation Service were distinguished by the yellow-brown coloration of their caps and trouser.


"Unofficial motto of the Imperial Reclamation Service: When all else fails, try a blowtorch."
―Talos Drellik[src]

The origins of the Service came when the Dark Council realized the strengths of recovering ancient artifacts and created a branch of the Empire dedicated to scouring the galaxy to recover such relics.[3] The activities of this branch varied during the years of the Cold War during encounters with numerous potential artifacts. The Sith capital of Dromund Kaas was an object of study for the Reclamation Service that began excavations of the Dark Temple in order to learn more of its secrets.

On Tatooine, they uncovered evidence of a valuable alien artifact being present on the planet and had been previously discovered by the Czerka Corporation. This artifact was later lost when it went out of control and fell into the hands of Jawa traders before finally being recovered by the Service. However, the device turned out to be a Mind prison which began infecting Imperial troops before attempting to spread its influence to a nearby settlement. A Sith official was later sent to discover more from the device and encountered the Imprisoned One being the source of the relic's effects.

In the Outer Rim, a division of the Reclamation Service was present on Hoth where it was being spearheaded by the efforts of Lieutenant Talos Drellik. He came to believe that the Force ghost of a Sith was responsible for numerous actions on the planet and wanted to document his findings. In addition, he became focused on the study of the ancient Sadow'een temple that was located on Hoth. Another Service mission involved the study of an ancient complex that belonged to Darth Revan that was believed to hold a mysterious relic that was being guarded by Ongree servants and assassin droids.

General Threnoldt acted as a member of this service and summoned a team of Imperial warriors for a mission into the Eternity Vault prison on Belsavis. It was revealed that excavation of the Tomb had uncovered a new section revealing a Rakatan prisoner known as the Infernal One whose release would have brought devastation to the galaxy. Thus, this band were charged by the general with dealing with this threat before it fully manifested.

On Voss, agents from the Service discovered disturbing links between the ancient Voss and the Jedi Order. Such a find would have damaged the Empire's attempted negotiations with the Voss. Thus, they tasked a Sith agent with investigating the ruins that consisted of ancient Jedi statues after which they contemplated their destruction to hide this evidence.



Notes and referencesEdit

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