Imperial Recruitment is a two-page comic featured in Dark Horse Comics' trade paperback, Star Wars: Visionaries, released April 2, 2005. Drawn and penciled by the artist Feng Zhu, Imperial Recruitment is made up of a pair of recruitment posters for the Imperial Military forces of the Galactic Empire, featuring attractive female Humans.

Plot summaryEdit

"Fly for the EMPIRE!"
―The slogan of the first recruitment posters[src]

The comic is made up of two recruitment posters portraying beautiful, large breasted, and scantily-clad Human women with patriotic slogans, urging sentient beings to enlist in the armed forces of the Galactic Empire. The first poster shows a blond Human female in a formfitting flight suit, advertising for beings to join the Imperial Navy's TIE starfighter pilot corps. The second poster is of a white haired woman—wearing revealing clothes—taming a wild rancor pygmy predator, with the slogan claiming that if one joins the Imperial army, they will encounter strange and exotic creatures.


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Behind the scenesEdit

Production and cut postersEdit

Imperial Recruitment is a short, two-page comic that appeared as the eighth story in the trade paperback anthology Star Wars: Visionaries, published by Dark Horse Comics April 2, 2005. Imperial Recruitment was drawn and penciled by the artist Feng Zhu, who also worked for Lucasfilm Ltd., drawing concept art for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[1]

Feng Zhu also drew six more recruitment posters with this similar style and posted them on his website, but were not put into Star Wars: Visionaries. The first cut poster is of another blonde woman on an ice planet, wearing tight fitting snowtrooper armor, saying that those who join the Empire will see new worlds. The second image is of red-haired lady fixing a viper probe droid, advertising the Imperial army's engineering department. The third poster is of another white-haired woman in stormtrooper armor bending over, telling readers to fulfill their commitment to the Empire and serve in the military. The fourth picture is of an attractive woman on a heavily armored speeder bike, saying that the Empire will destroy any rebels they encounter. The fifth shows a woman leaning on the second Death Star—a space station powerful enough to destroy a planet—glorifying the Empire's superior weaponry. The final poster is a woman wearing scout trooper armor, saying that it is the readers' duty to join the Imperial army.[1]


The two posters that appeared in Imperial Recruitment were later said to be part of official Star Wars canon by Leland Chee—the keeper of the Holocron continuity database—when he was questioned on the timeline of the stories in Visionaries.[2] The six additional images drawn by Zhu but not released in Visionaries are, however, not considered canon because they were never published in any official Star Wars work.[3]

Canonical postersEdit

These two posters were published in Visionaries and have been deemed canonical.

Cut postersEdit

Feng Zhu drew these six recruitment posters in the same style. Although these images were created by a licensed artist, they were not present in Visionaries, and are thus non-canon.

Notes and referencesEdit

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