Imperial Relay Outpost V-798 was a naval communications station located on the planet of Vaal in the Outer Rim Territories. It was the closest outpost to Yavin 4 that was maintained by the Galactic Empire, and at the time of the Battle of Yavin it was staffed by three soldiers, including Sergeant Reybn, Privitt and another unnamed soldier.

The remoteness of the station engendered a laid-back attitude among the men (for example, they would shoot rocks with blasters while on duty) and fostered a conviction that the Empire had forgotten about them. This, however, would prove to be their downfall. When Darth Vader crash-landed his damaged fighter after the destruction of the first Death Star and made his way to the outpost, he led a pack of wild animals, of which he had become the leader by killing his predecessor. Upon discovering the lax discipline of the crew, the Sith Lord boarded the outpost's shuttle without uttering a word, leaving the station's personnel to be butchered by the predators that had followed him there. After arriving on Coruscant he ordered a ship to retrieve his fighter and bring a new crew to Vaal's outpost.



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