Imperial Replenishment Fleet DK-209 was a squadron of Imperial cargo ships tasked with supplying forces assigned to the Mortex sector during the years of the Galactic Civil War between the battles of Yavin and Hoth.

By far the largest ship attached to DK-209 was the enormous 7,800m Field Secured Container Vessel Black Ice, but the fleet also included six bulk freighters, Cargo I, Cargo IV, Colo's Ship, Fasan, Star Bantha and Talsor, three Maintenance Carriers, FarRun, Fixer and Quartermain III, and two container ships, Bounty and Cargo X.

Protection for the fleet was provided by three EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, Guardian, Protector II, and Security I, and a group of five Lancer-class frigates, named as Lancer I through Lancer V.

Shortly after the destruction of the Alliance's main fuel dump in the sector, Rebel operatives discovered that Imperial Replenishment Fleet DK-209 was traveling along hyperlane GG734 to the Refrax Spaceport, where the Black Ice was due to take on a cargo of starship power cells, and several of the escorts were to receive brief spacedock overhauls, before the fleet proceeded on hyperlane GH972 to rendezvous with Assault Fleet EM4 in the Kestel system. There was a delay of half a day between the FSCV completing her loading and the escorts finishing their overhauls, and the Rebels were able to take advantage of this to capture the Black Ice.


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