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The Imperial Repulsortank 1-H, also known as the Imperial-class 1-H repulsortank, was a heavy variant of the Imperial-class repulsortank.


Constructed by Ubrikkian Industries, the 1-H was the standard production model of the Imperial-class repulsortank. It mounted a single Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark 4e/S heavy laser cannon, one of the best laser cannons employed by the Imperial Army, as its main weapon. It had a Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon as its secondary armament, as well as two side mounted weapons. The 1-H was crewed by five, including a driver, two gunners, and a commanding sergeant. There was room for single passengers in the tank. Like all Imperial-class repulsortanks, the 1-H was built on the same 20.5 meter-long chassis and could reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. It had a cargo capacity of 250 kilograms and a ground clearance of two meters. 1-Hs cost 50,000 credits.[1]


Out of the initial production run of 1,500 repulsortanks, 1,420 were assigned to the first Death Star, while the rest were given to the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit. After the station's destruction, during which the majority of the tanks were destroyed, production of the tank continued at a steady, yet reduced pace.[1]

Due to reorganization and retraining of the unit, the Imperial Hammers were not present at the Battle of Hoth. Colonel Zel Johans, the unit's commanding officer, would later maintain that if they had been present, their 1-H tanks would have been more successful against the defending Alliance forces than General Veers's AT-ATs.[2]

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The picture of the 1-H in "Repulsortank Battlefield" shows what seem to be two additional blasters on the sides, however the text and statistics specify just two main weapons.


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