The Imperial Repulsortank 1-M was a medium variant of the Imperial-class repulsortank.


Constructed by Ubrikkian Industries, the 1-M was a limited production model of the Imperial-class repulsortank, usually employed by lieutenants in the field to command their units. It mounted a single Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon as its main weapon, with a heavy repeating blaster to allow for protection from infantry. The limited armament also served to curb a maverick officer's impulse to seek out engagements. The 1-M was crewed by three tankers; a driver, a gunner, and the commanding lieutenant. There was room for three passengers in the tank, usually the platoon sergeant major. Like all Imperial-class repulsortanks, the 1-M was built on the same 20.5 meter-long chassis and could reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. It had a cargo capacity of 250 kilograms and a ground clearance of two meters. 1-Ms cost 45,000 credits. In addition, the 1-M carried the communications equipment necessary to allow the lieutenant to command his unit in the field.


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