The Imperial Resistance was a rebel movement on the planet Algara II. Their goal was to overthrow the Algarian Bureaucracy and ally the world with the Galactic Empire. The rigid social caste structure and the unfair treatment of the native Xan were the main causes of rebellion, and the Algarians allied with the New Republic as they knew that the government would not interfere with internal social matters and allowed them to run the planet freely. As a result, the Imperial Resistance believed that if the Empire controlled the planet, then the social class system would be dismantled, and some Xan even hoped that the Empire would award them equal status with the Algarians. Neither the New Republic or the Empire was aware of the Resistance's existence.

The Resistance was led by Onstruk Don, a former member of Belligerency class. Their numbers totalled 69,000 members, split into 40,000 Xan and 29,000 Algarians, and were mainly members of the Talents, the Drones, the Domestics, and the Flotsam. They targeted industrial and military targets, and the monorail to Club Prosperine, but always sought to avoid injuring the innocent.


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