An Imperial Salvage Station was used by Palpatine's Galactic Empire to recover the remains of the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station after its destruction in the Yavin system. The Salvage Station was placed under the command of Major Reskik from the Imperial Security Bureau.


Located in orbit around the planet Yavin Prime, this Imperial Salvage Station was set up to collect, catalog, and analyze the debris of the destroyed first Death Star battle station. It was established to recover the wreckage and to maintain an Imperial presence in the system even after the Rebellion's major victory at the Battle of Yavin.[1]

The station was manned by the salvage team, led by Major Reskik from the Imperial Security Bureau. The team itself consisted primarily of civilian engineers sent by the major defense contractors that had submitted the primary system designs for the Death Star project, while the Empire provided additional zero-G work crews.[1]

There was also a surprisingly large Imperial force stationed aboard for such a small mission, with three squadrons of TIE/LN starfighters—including six bombers—and a battalion of stormtroopers—including a fully equipped heavy weapons unit.[1]


The Salvage Station was a modular design common in the Outer Rim, and often deployed by the Galactic Empire for their operations. The station had been brought to Yavin aboard a Star Destroyer, and assembled in orbit. It was equipped with several docking bays and a directional beacon.[1]


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