A Shield Station is a type of Space station that was utilized by the Galactic Empire.


Imperial Shield Stations were used to generate large amounts of energy to create a shield over a large mass in space. They had a control deck and a docking bay. The docking bays also held the main turbine for generating the energy to power up the shield, as well as a shaft directly behind the station that funnels the energy into the shields. The control deck is what operates the docking bay doors to the facility, and it is manned by at least two officers. If the control deck is destroyed or otherwise disabled, it will likely result in the docking bay doors going haywire, opening and closing intermittently and erratically. Because of the size of the shielding that needs to be maintained, multiple versions of each station need to be utilized to maintained. In addition, disabling even one Shield Station's capabilities will likewise result in the shield being weakened and shut down.[1]


Several Shield Stations were utilized by the Fondor Shipyards for their more secretive projects, including the development of a prototype Executor-class Star Dreadnought with cloaking capabilities. In 3 ABY, Rogue Squadron infiltrated the Fondor Shipyards by using captured TIE Hunters to pose as TIE pilots escorting a "captured" GR-75 medium transport, and then have it ram a specific Shield Station's command deck and thus force the station to open. However, after the Imperials saw through the ruse, they were forced to defend the transport until it got close to impact with the station. After successfully defending the transport long enough for it to kamikaze the station, Wedge Antilles disabled the doors (which had gone haywire as a result of the command deck's destruction) with an ion cannon blast from his TIE Hunter, and then proceeded to destroy the exposed shield turbine. As a result, the shield was weakened enough to be disabled, thus allowing the Rebels to attack the prototype cloaking device Star Dreadnought. The other stations were presumably destroyed when the Star Dreadnought prototype was destroyed by Rogue Squadron and the Rebel Alliance by blowing up their cloaking devices.[1]

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Imperial Shield Stations appeared as a target in the Fondor Shipyard Assault level of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike.



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