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The Imperial Space Ministry was the bureaucracy of the Galactic Empire responsible for distributing information on hyperspace travel, including both recent astrogation data and laws and regulations. They worked closely with the Bureau of Ships and Services, which handled licensing and certification.

While the Space Ministry maintained astrogation data for most of the galaxy, it neglected to record information from Wild Space, the Deep Core, and the Unknown Regions. The otherwise obsolete Hyperspace Navigator's Guild was the primary source of data on hyperspace routes in these areas.

It also handled spaceport certifications and inspections and handled travel and carriage permits for everything, like restricted cargo or restricted alerts.

For a nominal fee, astrogation updates were available from a ministry office or could be downloaded to starships' navicomputers as a standard part of docking procedures at many spaceports. Likewise, the ministry would also routinely upload and collect for analysis route and sensor data from those navicomputers, to which they are added into new updates. The Ministry was also responsible for reviewing and updating the Imperial Spacefaring Regulations, and provided updates on these regulations to all spacers in the Spacers' Information Manual.[1]

They also issued Galactic Passports, at the order of the Galactic Emperor, to allow the holder safe passage through various planets.[2]



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