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"The Empire's mapping and exploration divisions are attached to the Imperial Navy. These frontier scouts help expand the Empire's borders by identifying worlds primed for conquest or exploitation."
Admiral Wullf Yularen, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[1]

The Imperial Survey Corps (ISC) was a branch of the Imperial Military, more specifically the Imperial Navy, whose duty was the exploration of the galaxy. It was a sister organization of the Imperial Exploration Corps, also a branch of the Imperial Navy.[1] To fulfill its mission, the ISC was often staffed with scientists and scouts; however, it never achieved much importance during the height of the New Order and thus experienced perennial manpower shortages. The Empire planned to gradually pare back the size of the ISC and eventually disband it altogether[2] due to Emperor Palpatine's inability to control the corps—many ISC members had spirits too independent for the Empire, and some even ran information and supplies for the Rebel Alliance.[3] Regardless of the ISC's increasingly reduced status, it was claimed that the corps was responsible for discovering a new planetary system every 207 minutes.[4]


"Most of these scouts are in it for the adventure and don't know what the Empire does with the data they send back. We've had a lot of defectors from the Survey Corps."
General Carlist Rieekan, commenting in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[1]

The ISC's preferred scout vessel was the MRX-BR Pacifier, which embodied the Imperial scout's mindset with its powerful weapon systems.[3] However, some crews, such as those under Captain Pilia Tonth, used the Far*Reach IV PQR.

According to the Rebel Alliance general Carlist Rieekan, most of the scouts were unaware of what the Imperials would do with the data they sent back and were only in it for the adventure, unaware of whatever atrocities or conquests the Empire would conduct using their work. The Alliance received many defectors from the branch as a result.[1]



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