"The Imperial Symphony Orchestra is preparing to embark on its first tour outside the Core Worlds region in 15 years. The ISO has been engaged for the past five years in a special program promoting Imperial High Culture in the Core."
―From an Imperial HoloVision announcement in 0 ABY[src]

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra, or the ISO, was the premier orchestra of the Galactic Empire. It was comprised of many of the Empire's most talented musicians. From approximately 15 BBY to 0 ABY, the prestigious group performed exclusively in the Core Worlds, as regions like the Mid Rim could not afford to host the orchestra for a variety of reasons. In approximately 5 BBY, the ISO began a five-year tour that promoted Imperial High Culture within the Core. In 0 ABY, about seven months after an Imperial defeat in the Yavin system, the ISO journeyed to the Mid Rim for a series of performances, as firmly-established New Order supporters had wiped away all previous impediments. The orchestra's Mid Rim tour was slated to include Neoclassical pieces favored by Emperor Palpatine.

History[edit | edit source]

"Previously, Mid-Rim worlds had been unable or unwilling to submit the substantial sponsorship fees necessary to book the prestigious ISO. Now, with New Order party representatives more securely established in the political fabric of Mid-Rim governments, and with the establishment of all-powerful governorships, many of the ideological and financial obstacles of past decades have been cleared away."
―From an Imperial HoloVision announcement in 0 ABY[src]

A prestigious musical group, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra performed throughout the galaxy during the early years of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine. However, in 15 BBY, the orchestra began playing exclusively in the Core Worlds after Mid Rim worlds could not, or simply refused, to pay the large sponsorship fees that the ISO charged for booking. Starting around 5 BBY, the orchestra participated in a five-year-long program dedicated to promoting the ideals of Imperial High Culture within the Core Worlds.[1]

By 0 ABY, about seven months after the Imperial defeat at the Battle of Yavin, situations in the Mid Rim had changed; many Mid Rim worlds had become dominated by pro-New Order regimes or led by strong Imperial governorships. As a result, many obstacles preventing the ISO from touring the region had largely been removed. Via the Imperial HoloVision news outlet, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra announced its first series of performances outside the Core Worlds in fifteen years. The Mid Rim tour was expected to feature many of the Emperor's favorite Neoclassical pieces, including works from the Harbin-re opera, some of Nabicci Futana's waltzes and ganther dances, and marches dating to the Clone Wars of nineteen years earlier.[1] Senator Gaeriel Captison of Bakura enjoyed the soothing melodies of the ISO's work.[2]

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra, the premier group of its kind, drew upon the best musicians that the Empire had to offer.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra was first mentioned in 1994's The Truce at Bakura, written by Kathy Tyers. In 1995, the ISO appeared as part of an in-universe Imperial HoloVision report in the Galaxywide NewsNets section of Star Wars Adventure Journal 5. The orchestra received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

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