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―Imperial Thermal Detonator Trooper in response to orders.[src]

The Imperial Thermal Detonator Trooper, also known as a Grenade Trooper, was an artillery unit used by the Galactic Empire. The trooper used a mortar-like device to lob thermal detonators into the desired attack area. These units were very effective against shielded and mechanized units, but ineffective against buildings and non-mechs. They wore black uniforms with a helmet.

Grenade Troopers were deployed on many battlefields during the Galactic Civil War. Specifically, at least four troopers assisted the Empire during the Occupation of Bespin.[1]

Darth Vader ordered the recruitment of additional troopers from troop centers during the war to use in battle against the Rebel Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial Thermal Detonator Troopers are the Galactic Empire's artillery unit in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack. They are provided to the player in several missions during the Galactic Empire campaign, and more may be built at troop centers for 90 units of food and 40 units of nova crystals.




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