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"There's a convoy of Troop Transports heading Northwest."
―Garazeb Orrelios[src]

The Imperial Troop Transport (ITT), also known as a K79-S80, RTT or Recon transport, was a boxy repulsorlift ground assault vehicle used by the Galactic Empire. Developed by Ubrikkian Industries, it was used to either move Imperial stormtroopers in, or to move prisoners out. Despite not being designed for combat, the Imperial Troop Transport was fitted with two forward laser guns, and one dorsal twin laser turret.


Imperial Troop Transporter

Stormtroopers loading cargo on an Imperial Troop Transport

The ITT was a long, box-shaped repulsorcraft with a plating of grey metal.[3] It fell under the category of ground assault vehicles.[4]

Because of its repulsorlift engine, a hovering ITT emitted a distinct noise that made it recognizable from a distance.[18] Two pilots and a commanding officer rode in the vehicle's cab,[10] the bow of which was equipped with a transparisteel viewport, while up to six individuals rode on the sides of the vehicle in exposed racks, the doors of which were auto-locking.[7] The ITT also contained a hatch in the mid-section of the vehicle that lead inside.[19]

It measured 8.7 meters long by 3.5 high by 4.5 wide,[7] and weighed 20,600 kilograms[6] Its maximum speed was 150 kilometers per hour.[6]

Although not designed as an infantry fighting vehicle, the ITT was still armed with two forward laser guns, and a single dorsal laser turret.[8] Thanks to its ample firepower, the transport could deter most attackers.[7] However, insertion of a foreign body in the barrel of an ITT's laser gun would cause it to explode upon firing.[10]


The primary function of the Imperial Troop Transport was to move stormtroopers between important locations in times of conflict.[8] A single transport could carry at least one squad of such troops.[18] Likewise, ITTs were also used to forcibly relocate prisoners,[7] including farmers whose land had been seized by the government.[8] On at least one occasion, an ITT's side racks were used to transport food supplies.[10]


"Sir, someone's unlocked the prisoners on Transport 3."
―A transport driver to Yogar Lyste[src]

The Imperial Troop Transport was designed for the Galactic Empire by Ubrikkian Industries.[1] Eight years after the end of the Clone Wars, the Empire deployed several ITTs on Gorse to track a transporter crewed by Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and Skelly, three individuals who had attempted to kill the Imperial Count Denetrius Vidian. Although the Troop Transports successfully located and attacked their target, the rebels still managed to escape thanks to the use of explosives and some risky maneuvers performed by Syndulla.[3]

In 3272 LY, an Imperial unit stationed on Lothal used an ITT to transport a supply of meilooruns bought in the city of Kothal. The young Ezra Bridger, a street urchin affiliated with the Spectres, attempted to steal meilooruns from the transport, but was spotted by stormtroopers while inspecting the fruit. Shortly thereafter, Supply Officer Yogar Lyste used three ITTs to attack the farm of Morad Sumar. The farmer, his wife and an Aqualish employee were subsequently captured and put in one of the ITTs' compartments, but were rescued by Bridger and his partner Garazeb Orrelios.[10]

At least one of these transports was used at the Battle of Jakku, the last stand of the Empire.[20]

Imperial Troop Transports were utilised by Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant, who deployed stormtroopers on Nevarro in 9 ABY as part of Gideon's hunt for Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin and Force-sensitive being "The Child".[17]

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The Imperial Troop Transport as it appeared in the story booklet that came with the original toy

The Imperial Troop Transport originated in Star Wars Legends, where it was more commonly known as the Reconnaissance Troop Transporter. It first appeared as a 1979 toy from Kenner Products, and in a story booklet that came with the toy. It was the first Star Wars toy released that didn't first appear in a film.



In addition to troops and detainees, the Imperial Troop Transport also held cargo

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