This article is about the Imperial Weapon Research Facility in the Lasay Swamp. You may be looking for the contested Weapons Development Facility in the Gallo Mountains, both on Naboo.
"I only know what my employer requires me to know. Particularly, about the war between the Gungans and Imperials, the Mauler Camp, and the new Weapon Research Facility that the Empire has established."
Vaik'anna Silverlight, to a spacer[src]

The Imperial Weapon Research Facility, also known as the Weapon Development Facility, was an Imperial military research facility on the planet Naboo during the Galactic Civil War.[3]


The Imperial Weapon Research Facility was built by the Empire soon after the Battle of Yavin.[2] It was defended by a garrison of stormtroopers and several AT-STs. The Weapon Development Facility was the site of several clashes with Rebel forces.[3]

The superlaser equipped on the Star Destroyer Conqueror was developed at the research facility. Located in the facility were testing bays and fabrication chambers, along with a main control room with computer consoles containing data on the Star Destroyer. It was guarded by the Sith Acolyte Namman Cha at the time.[4] Around 1 ABY,[1] it was raided by the Rebel Alliance's Renegade Squadron, who defeated Cha and gained sensitive information on the Conqueror, which they were later able to use to locate and destroy the vessel.[4]



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