Imperial cargo ships were starships used by the Galactic Empire to transport military supplies.


The cargo ship model was based around a heavily modified Acclamator-class assault ship left over from the Clone Wars,[1] with additional thrusters and changed outer hull structure.[2] The ships sacrificed many of their weaponry emplacements to carry additional tons of cargo.[1]



A Imperial cargo ship under attack by a pair of Kihraxz starfighters

Following the end of hostilities between the Galactic Empire and the remaining Separatist Alliance, an amount of Acclamator-class vessels were modified to become cargo vessels and supply ships. This followed the Empire's policy of adapting and modifying equipment to suit the new post-war peacekeeping duties.[1]

Four of these ships were hijacked in 0 ABY by the Rebel Alliance during a convoy run, with the ships and their cargo confiscated by the Alliance. They were later destroyed in a battle with the Empire.[2]

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The Imperial cargo ship appears in the Star Wars: Rebellion: My Brother, My Enemy comic book arc.



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