This article is about Imperial dropship. You may be looking for Imperial Dropship Transport, utilized by the Galactic Empire during the early Galactic Civil War.

The Imperial Dropship was a transport utilized by Imperial forces. Its main purpose is to deploy troops on various points on the battlefield, and not to be a heavy-duty gunship, which was why its only weapons were two laser cannons on either side of the cockpit. The transportation vehicle seated up to five Imperial stormtroopers as well as their respective gear, but it usually only carried three stormtroopers and a shadow stormtrooper pilot. The pilot had the option to both land the craft in a traditional manner and wait for the troops to disembark on their own, or the pilot could detach the troop compartment, allowing the craft to exit the landing zone quicker.[1][2]

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The Imperial Dropship was a LEGO model in the 7667 Imperial Dropship set from 2008. It is part of the series of "Battle Packs", as they wanted to market the minifigures as a way to "build your army".[1] An updated version of the set was released in 2019 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars line, with updated figures and a collectible replica of the original 1999 Han Solo minifigure.


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