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Imperial ground crews,[5] also known as Imperial technicians,[6] or Imperial deck technicians,[2] were Imperial personnel who ensured the smooth operation of Imperial craft through regular maintenance at space-bound and ground-based Imperial installations,[5] such as the major Imperial security complex on Scarif.[1]

Imperial ground crews were stationed on Mimban during the Mimban campaign in 10 BBY, where they were also equipped with capes.[3] In 0 BBY, Jyn Erso disguised herself in the Imperial ground crew armor of Kent Deezling[1] to enter the research and development installation on Scarif during the Battle of Scarif.[4]

These crew members were vital as they could help direct traffic where automated systems could not typically make decisions fast enough as the landing fields changed. Preferring the analog method of landing craft, technicians eyeballed distances without sensors using their illuminated traffic wands. Technicians also wore piloting gear, as seen on Kent Deezling, as they were authorized to commandeer certain vessels into proper landing position.[1]



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