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"I'll distract him while you shoot him."
―A heavy trooper when fighting Galen Marek[src]

An Imperial heavy trooper.

The Imperial Heavy Trooper was a variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtrooper.


These soldiers were large warriors that wore a specialized type of stormtrooper armor and were trained for frontline combat against incredibly powerful enemies such as Wookiees, Trandoshans, and other large aliens.

They were rare but were almost always found at the front of a vanguard where they provided protection for standard stormtroopers and other ranged weapon specialists.



Due to their role in melee based combat, these troopers made use of large electro staffs against their enemies. The weapons allowed them to stun their foes with medium-range electrical arcs, and were quite capable of killing even a Force user in close combat.


Their armor provided them a limited level of protection against a lightsaber. Their armor resembled that of the Phase II clone trooper armor, albeit slightly darker in color. Most heavy troopers were also issued backpacks.


Numerous heavy troopers were deployed on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk and on Felucia where were engaged by a mysterious Force user. Individual heavy troopers were later engaged by the same person on Raxus Prime at the Imperial Ore Facility, and on the Death Star.

Despite being encased in reinforced armor and equipped with electro staffs, the heavy troopers could not withstand Galen Marek's Force powers, and were unable to hinder him on any of his missions.

Behind the scenes[]

The title of "heavy stormtrooper" comes from Hasbro toy catalogues.

Heavy stormtroopers have alternately been seen with yellow paint decoration on their arms and legs.



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