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Imperial loader droids were a line of labor droids designed to load and handle cargo being transported on Imperial ships, such as the freighter Suprosa.


The Imperial loader droid was an effective labor machine with a vaguely-humanoid upper half used to manipulate cargo. It was propelled by a large lower half. Tall and imposing, the loader trundled along slowly, but possessed extremely long, spring-loaded arms that could be potentially dangerous in combat. Size of the models varied depending on the particular need of a starship.

Robot 2

View of the loader droid's telescoping arms.


These droids were utilized by various factions, especially the Empire and the Imperial Remnant. Rebel hero Dash Rendar encountered an especially enormous version on the Imperial freighter, Suprosa. Jedi Mara Jade also witnessed the use of these droids by the Lumini Pirates during their pillaging of a New Republic escort ship.

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