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An Imperial medic.

"Fortunately, we have a fully qualified medic back at HQ."
―An Imperial Major to a disfigured Luke Skywalker, near Hyllyard City on Myrkr[src]

The Imperial medic was a type of soldier and officer that was attached to the Galactic Empire's ground and naval forces that had specialized medical training. Imperial medics who wore stormtrooper armor were known as stormtrooper medics, but some went by the more specialized name of stormsurgeon or stormmedic.


A stormtrooper medic

While most Imperial soldiers had basic battlefield first-aid training,[1] Imperial medics were specially trained and equipped to treat the wounds of stormtroopers and other units in the midst of battle. To accomplish their role, they carried bacta and other medical supplies.[2][3] If challenged in the field, they often made use of their E-11 blaster rifle,[2][1] which they used with surprising accuracy.[2]

They wore varying uniforms depending on which branch of the military they belonged to, and the environment in which they were deployed. On terrestrial worlds when not belonging to the Stormtrooper Corps, they wore the distinctive uniform of an Imperial Army trooper (albeit colored light blue),[2][1] and on naval ships they were dressed in a Imperial Navy crewman's jumpsuit with backpacks and a hip-pack for carrying medical supplies.[3] The Stormtrooper Corps, likewise, wore similar armor to the Stormtroopers,[4] although they were distinguished by their possessing bronze pauldrons on the right shoulder.[5]


Imperial medics treat stormtroopers injured during the Mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic.

Medics were part of the Imperial Military since its inception. They were deployed on contested worlds such as Felucia,[2] Kashyyyk,[2] Raxus Prime,[2] Maridun,[1] Myrkr[6] and Wayland.[7] They also served on naval vessels such as the Rand Ecliptic[8] and even on the Death Star.[2]



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