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"I'm going to need that uniform as soon as possible."
"Certainly, sir. I'll instruct the fabricator to begin at once."
―Moff Tarkin and a protocol droid[1]

Various uniforms were worn by the officers and technicians of the martial forces of the Galactic Empire. Officers wore a gaberwool uniform consisting of a double-breasted tunic with a round collar and matching trousers, a pair of black boots, a belt and often times a kepi cap. Due to the nature of technicians' work, they wore more lightweight boilersuits, again with a belt and command cap. While free of medals and battle ribbons, officer's uniforms could feature a rank insignia plaque and up to four code cylinders in specifically designed pockets on the front of the tunic. Both uniforms could have officer's disks on both the belt buckle and command cap. They were designed as a replacement for the uniforms that had carried over from the previous government, the Galactic Republic. These designs remained in use for over two decades, but were eventually replaced when the Empire transitioned into the First Order.


"Is that the new uniform?"
"What, this old thing?"
―Nils Tenant and Wilhuff Tarkin[1]
Venator bridge

A Star Destroyer crewed by officers in the uniform used in the early days of the Empire

At the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine abolished the democratic Republic he presided over, reorganizing it into a First Galactic Empire with him as absolute ruler.[7] As the massive Grand Army of the Republic was progressively transformed into the Imperial Military,[8] the uniform originally created for the Republic officers remained in use during the first couple of years of Emperor Palpatine's reign. However, in or around the year 18 BBY,[2] the scientist Galen Walton Erso and Orson Callan Krennic wore the new uniform when they were in meeting on Coruscant, the Empire's capital world.[9]

However, the uniform still wasn't in widespread use by as late as 14 BBY.[2] Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, a decorated Imperial governor from Eriadu, made final adjustments to his personal uniform this year. When Grand Vizier Mas Amedda summoned Tarkin to Imperial Center, Admiral Nils Tenant commented his surprise at seeing Tarkin wearing the new uniform, having not seen it before.[1]

Imperial uniforms would continue to be used over the course of the Galactic Civil War, which would end with the formation of the New Republic and destruction of the Empire. However, Imperial uniforms continued to be used by those who clung to Imperial ideology as officers of the Imperial Remnants, including officers of the Morak Imperial remnants[10] and those remnants united by the Shadow Council.[11] Additionally, the defected[12] Imperial captain Imanuel Doza kept his old Imperial uniform in his possession.[13]


Officers' uniforms[]

"While I can appreciate devotion to one's sartorial programming, I've no interest in initiating a fashion trend on Coruscant or anywhere else. I simply want a uniform that fits. Especially the boots. The stars know, my feet have logged more kilometers aboard Star Destroyers than during surface deployments, even in a facility of this size."
―Moff Tarkin, to a protocol droid[1]
Armored Veers full

General Veers wearing armor over his tunic

The uniform jacket was a short skirted double breasted tunic[1] made of gaberwool[6] that fastened with snap closures on the inside.[14] The tunic featured a round choker collar and its skirt extended halfway between the hip and the knee. When closed, the tunic had a vertical left over right closure,[4] when its Clone Wars predecessor extended across the chest on one side and across the midsection on the other.[15] Additionally, the Imperial tunic generally lacked shoulder boards and epaulets, as Emperor Palpatine believed that the use of such put more emphasis on status as opposed to duty.[1] Contrarily to the straight-legged Clone Wars-era trousers,[15] the redesigned ones were flared in the hips and thighs, narrowing at the cuffs so they could be more easily tucked into their wearers' boots.[1] There were laces and lace holes at the lower leg.[14] Officers wore a pair of black, durasteel-toed knee-high boots with turn-down topside cuffs;[16] as Tarkin had stressed the importance of the boots fitting the wearer while designing the uniform, citing the significant distances he had walked while aboard Star Destroyers.[1]

Common additions to the uniform could include a kepi cap[17] and a belt, both featuring an officer's disk.[1] Rank could be indicated by a rank insignia plaque affixed to the tunic's left breast and a number of code cylinders could be carried in narrow pockets just below each shoulder.[8] Beneath their uniform, officers wore an off-white shirt.[18] Sometimes, the collar and sleeve cuffs of that shirt were slightly visible, protruding from under the tunic. Some officers also wore black gloves,[4] or even a cape.[3] Since Emperor Palpatine was scornful of commendations, there was no place for medals or battle ribbons on the uniform.[1]


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admirals were distinguished by their white uniforms and golden shoulder boards.

While the standard-issue uniforms were made of a gray-green fabric, there existed several variants of different colors, such as a black variant worn by noncoms[1] and Stormtrooper officers.[19][20] There also existed a version of the uniform with a white tunic, black flared breeches and sometimes a black cap, worn by intelligence officers[19] in Imperial Intelligence[21] or the Imperial Security Bureau.[9] ISB Attendants wore a similar uniform with a light gray tunic, black breeches, and sometimes a black cap and gloves.[22] A gray-blue variant affiliated with the Imperial Press Corps also existed,[5] as well as the all white uniforms, complete with golden epaulets, worn by Grand Admirals.[23] The uniform of ISB Major Partagaz bore similar epaulets in silver.[22]


Captain Magna Tolvan wore an overcoat on the cold Citadel of Rur

Two versions of the white ISB officer tunic existed, one which fastened at the right shoulder like most Imperial officer tunics,[22] and one which fastened at the upper right of the chest.[24] Similarly, a chest-fastening variant of the black tunic worn by Imperial Navy Troopers also existed.[4]

Chief scientists in the Tarkin Initiative wore a uniform with a white patch over the neck and shoulders, and a symbol of the initiative on each arm. The tunic was also in one piece, and lacked the snap closures of the regular design.[9] Beige versions of this uniform were worn by medical officers on Wayland[25] and in Gideon's Imperial remnant, with Kaminoan patches instead of the symbol of the Tarkin Initiative.[26] A similar green uniform bearing no symbols was worn by at least one Imperial doctor.[27]


An example of a single-breasted tunic, as worn by a Death Star Trooper

Some roles, such as Death Star Troopers, could wear single-breasted tunics.[28] Other individuals present o the First Death Star wore gray single-breasted tunics with brown collars, brown cuffs, straight-legged trousers, and shoes instead of boots.[4]


In potentially hostile situations, officers could wear field armor over their tunic, as well as a protective helmet and goggles similar to those worn by AT-ST drivers.[29] While this armor was dark-gray for officers wearing a regular uniform,[30] officers with different colored uniforms wore armor that reflected this differentially, such as Grand Admirals, who wore white armor, with golden shoulder boards similar to the ones on their regular tunic.[31]

Krennic on Eadu

Director Krennic wearing a waterproof cape on the rainy planet Eadu

For more rainy planets, officers wore a waterproof cape over their tunic. The cape was the same color as the wearer's tunic,[9] or black when the wearer donned a green-gray tunic.[22] The cape was made from a different material from the regular uniform, being more suitable for wet weather. It required the wearer to move their rank plaque and code cylinders to this new layer, although all cylinders now had to be on the right side of the wearer, whereas they would normally be on both sides.[9] Alternatively, rank insignia and code cylinders could be simultaneously worn on the cape and the tunic underneath.[32]

On colder worlds, an overcoat could be worn, that extended down to the tops of the wearers boots, with the wearer's belt on top.[9] Some overcoats featured fur around the neck, and a duplicate rank insignia plaque could be worn too, located over the standard one underneath the coat.[33] Overcoats could be various colours, such as cream,[22] brown,[34] or black.[35]

Gorn suspenders

Lieutenant Gorn wore suspenders on his breeches

Officers belonging to certain fleets could occasionally wear that fleets symbol on their upper left arm. An example of this was the officers of the Seventh Fleet, who wore a symbol of a stylized chimaera, a creature heavily associated with Grand Admiral Thrawn, commander of the fleet.[24]

Imperial Army uniform[]

Imperial Army Aldhani

An Imperial Army uniform

At least some members of the Imperial Army, including corporals, wore a uniform consisting of a jacket and trousers. The uniform jacket was single breasted tunic featuring a round collar. Four pockets were present on the front, as well as one on each upper arm. The jacket was worn with straight-legged trousers and black knee-high boots. Additionally, the uniform included a kepi cap and a belt, both with officer's disks.[34]

Common additions to the uniform included black gloves. Headsets were sometimes worn with this uniform.[34]

The uniform existed in at least two colors, black and green.[34] On the green uniform, up to two black bars could be present on the left shoulder.[36]

Imperial Army trooper armor, which closely resembled that of Imperial officers, was sometimes worn over the uniform, with either a helmet or a kepi cap.[36]


A variant uniform consisting of a jacket with a collar that did not close over the front and lacking exterior pockets was worn by Swamp troopers. It was worn with armor, including shin pads.[37] This uniform was also worn by Juggernaut Pilots.[38]

Technicians' uniform[]

Todes Halvax

Todes Halvax wearing a light gray boilersuit

Imperial technicians wore a far simpler uniform. They wore lightweight boilersuits, with boots, a belt that was identical to the one worn by officers, and a command cap. Both the belt and the command cap would also feature officer's disks. Additionally, long metal cylinders were kept in special pockets on the suit's left arm. Pockets with covers were located on the opposite arm, and on the thighs. An Imperial crest was located above both shoulders, and a small metal panel with several buttons was on the left wrist. Headsets were often worn under the cap. The suits could come in light gray or black, and while the black variant had a matching black cap, the gray one could feature either a dark gray[30] or black cap.[4]


Similar boilersuits were also worn by TIE fighter pilots, who wore a hefty control box and helmet over it, weapons technicians, who sometimes wore additional protection over the torso of the uniform,[4] and AT-ST drivers.[29] Imperial ground crew wore a variation of the uniform, although it was overall tighter and featured vertical grooves in it.[9] Imperial Navy Troopers were known to wear both officers' and technicians' uniforms.[29]

Weapons technicians who were assigned to experimental projects wore light gray boilersuits with yellow Imperial emblems on each shoulder and black stripes down both sides of the suit.[39]

Weapons technicians in the Raven's Peak compound on Eriadu wore light gray tunics akin to those of officers over trousers with large front pockets like those of a boilersuit.[40]

Prison guards in the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex wore black boilersuits with white striping down the left side and along the left arm. The suits featured a small metal panel with several buttons on the right wrist, and a variant of the Imperial crest on the right shoulder. The uniform was worn with a black kepi cap and specialised orange boots that insulated the guards from the tunqstoid steel floors, although it could also be worn with regular boots.[35] Technicians working in the command center of the complex wore gray boilersuits with the same striping. These were worn with gray caps and regular boots.[41] Prisoners within the facility wore white scrubs with the same striped patterning in orange[35] or blue.[42]

Scientists in the Tarkin Initiative could wear lightweight, white and blue boilersuits that could change color when harmful radiation was present.[6] A similar boilersuit was worn by at least one Imperial nurse. Beneath her uniform, she wore a blue shirt.[27]

Other uniforms[]

Emigration Officers of the Corellian Security Forces wore civilian uniforms bearing the Imperial crest on each shoulder, as well as on the upper chest.[37]

Behind the scenes[]

White and grey Imperial tunics

A deleted scene from A New Hope, clearly showing the difference between white and light-gray officers' uniforms.

The uniforms created for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope varied in color, with some appearing to be a slightly lighter gray than others. White and light-gray uniforms were also made, both with black trousers. The former has been identified to have been worn by members of the intelligence community,[19] with the latter matching the uniform worn by attendants of the Imperial Security Bureau.[22]


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