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"But… you wear an Imperial uniform. We can make a deal…"
"This uniform doesn't matter to me anymore—and neither does money!"
A Weequay pirate and Silam Dunerz[1]

The Galactic Empire consolidated several large organizations into the Imperial Military apparatus, and implemented a coded set of Imperial military uniforms to make discerning an individual's affiliation a simple process.

The Imperial Service Uniforms consisted of a pair of trousers, overfold tunic, and cover, along with standard black plast-leather belt, gloves and boots. Branches received color-coded uniforms with corresponding trousers, tunic and cover, with the exclusion of COMPNOR personnel, which used black trousers and covers. These uniforms served as the core for the majority of personnel, although higher ranking Command and Line officers in each branch were given wider authority to customize their uniforms, as in the case of Ysanne Isard's red uniform. Command cylinders, as well as cover and belt discs, contained clearance, security and vital information.

Detailed Descriptions[]

Imperial Officer uniform

Army and Naval Officers[]

  • Olive grey double-breasted dress tunic and trousers
  • Corresponding cover
  • Corresponding Battle Dress (Armor, Helmet and black goggles with utility buckle, black belt and duty holster)
  • Black leather belt with silver buckle and optional duty holster
  • Black leather boots (durasteel-capped)
  • Black leather gloves (optional)
  • Rank badge on left breast
  • Code cylinders located in pockets

Stormtrooper Officer uniform

Officers in the Stormtrooper Corps, Prison guards, and veteran TIE pilots[]

  • Black double-breasted dress tunic and trousers
  • Corresponding headgear
  • Corresponding body armor for combat use, just like any other trooper (sometimes with the addition of colored shoulder pauldrons as high-visibility rank indicators when in field units)
  • Black gauntlets (optional, as seen on Death Star)
  • Rank badge on left breast (without armor, as seen on the Death Star and the Tantive IV, and with Snowtrooper armor, as seen during the Battle of Hoth)
  • Black duty belt with silver buckle and utility boxes with optional duty holster
  • Code cylinders located in pockets

Naval & Death Star Trooper uniforms

Death Star Troopers/Naval Troopers (SNCOs)[]

  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officers
  • Black trousers and double-breasted tunic
  • Black gauntlets
  • Black open-blast helmet
  • Black duty belt with silver buckle; utility boxes and holster
  • Black boots
  • Firearm-DH-17 blaster pistol (around the Battle of Yavin)

Imperial gunner uniform

Imperial Gunner (Enlisted)[]

  • Black overalls
  • Black gauntlets
  • Imperial emblem on each upper arm at the shoulder
  • Black enclosed targeting-computer helmet with one white Imperial Emblem on the front
  • Black duty belt with utility boxes

AT-ST pilot uniforms

Vehicle Command Crews (VCCs) & Senior Enlisted Crewmen (NCOs)[]

  • Light gray single-breasted overalls
  • Olive cover
  • Battle Dress helmet with black goggles (VCCs- AT-ST Drivers at Battle of Endor)
  • Imperial emblem on sleeve at each shoulder
  • Duty belt
  • Vehicle Command Crews and NCOs were of any rank above corporal

Warrant Officer & Crewman uniforms

Technicians (Warrant Officers & NCOs)[]

  • Light gray single-breasted overalls (NCOs)
  • Black single-breasted overalls (WOs) with black gauntlets (optional)
  • Black cover
  • Imperial emblem on sleeve at each shoulder
  • Duty belt

Behind the scenes[]

The Imperial military's various uniforms bore similarities to the uniforms utilized by Nazi Germany during World War II. George Lucas, in a commentary for Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, even acknowledged that the similarities were intentional by calling them Nazis and specifically stating regarding their uniforms that "The Nazis are basically the same costume as we used in the first film and they are designed to be very authoritarian, very empire-like." This was further verified by costume designer John Mollo, who mentioned that George Lucas specifically requested that the Imperials in general were to look "efficient, totalitarian, fascist." They also bore a further resemblance to Prussian uniforms, specifically those worn by the German Uhlans, who predated Nazi Germany.[2]


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