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An Imperial officer's disc (or disk), was an insignia and coding device used in the military branch of the Galactic Empire[1] since its early days. They were already worn in 19 BBY by the graduates of the first Imperial class from the military academies.[4] Such disks contained coded identification information[1] and consisted of a metallic stepped cone shape appearing to be three disks stacked on top of one another. Code disks were featured on the hat and belt buckle[2] of the most high-ranking Imperial officers. Their function was similar to that of the code cylinders, which were also part of the officers' service uniform.[1]

When the Galactic Empire collapsed following the Battle of Endor[5] in 4 ABY,[6] the code disks remained in use within the Imperial splinter factions, along with the rest of the Imperial uniform.[3]

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In an interview published in the ninety-eighth issue of the Star Wars Insider, costume designer John Mollo revealed the "officers' disks" came from a shop in Borehamwood, England, where the Elstree Studios are located. They were in fact spare pulleys from the middle of a record player, and Mollo's costuming crew actually ordered about five hundred of them.[7]


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