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"Shock troopers? What's the Coruscant Guard doing here?"

Imperial shock troopers, also known as Coruscant shock troopers and Imperial clone shock troopers, and formerly as clone shocktroopers and clone guards under the Galactic Republic, were elite stormtroopers who served in the Coruscant Guard of the Galactic Empire. During the Clone Wars, the shock troopers were specialized clone troopers who served as a security police force on the planet Coruscant, capital of the Republic. Noted for their distinctive red and white clone trooper armor, they supplemented the Senate Guard as bodyguards for galactic senators, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine and other officials, such as Governor Wilhuff Tarkin. In addition to protecting the government facilities and officials of the Galactic Senate, shock troopers specialized in guarding prisons, maintaining civil order as anti-riot police officers, and escorting diplomats for off-world assignments.

The shock troopers served under Clone Commander Fox, the commanding officer of the Coruscant Guard, during the the galaxy-wide Clone War between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Other clone trooper officers who commanded shock troopers included Clone Lieutenant Thire, Clone Commander Stone, and Clone Commander Thorn. Shock troopers participated in a number of events both on Coruscant and elsewhere during the war, from the raid on Ziro's Palace, the hunt for Ahsoka Tano, and the hunt for rogue clone trooper Fives, to the ambush on Rugosa, the mission to Florrum, and the invasion of Scipio. The capital's security was breached on two occasions despite the presence of the clone shock troops; Coruscant's central power distribution grid was bombed by Separatist infiltration droids, and Ziro Desilijic Tiure was released from Republic custody as a result of the Senate hostage crisis in which a group of politicians were held captive by the bounty hunter Cad Bane.

As the war continued clone shock troopers were stationed in the Republic Center for Military Operations, which included a detention area for suspected terrorists and traitors to the state. Shock troopers were also tasked with maintaining order in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, a facility for prisoners such as Bane, Moralo Eval, Aurra Sing, and Ziro Desilijic Tiure. Though Bane and Eval escaped from the Republic prison, they were recaptured on Naboo by the shock troopers who escorted Chancellor Palpatine to the 847th Festival of Light.

A contingent of shock troopers deployed to the clone army's homeworld of Kamino in the aftermath of Order 66. With the end of the Clone Wars and Palpatine's ascension as Galactic Emperor, Imperial clone shock troopers became the elite forces of the new Galactic Empire. Though they retained their Phase II clone trooper armor during the early days of the Imperial Era, in time the shock troopers upgraded to a customized version of stormtrooper armor. By then, the Empire had chosen to supplant clones with birth-born human soldiers.


Clone Wars[]

Guardians of the Republic[]

"I hope the general reaches the rendezvous point."
"We're sure buying him time."
―Clone shock troopers Rys and Jek[16]
Ziro captured

Senator Padmé Amidala was rescued by clone shock troopers during the raid on Ziro's Palace.

Clone shock troopers originated as security police for the administrative facilities on Coruscant, as well as bodyguards for government officials during the Clone Wars.[2] Even though they were bred on the planet Kamino,[17] they were secretly raised on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic,[18] during the last years of the Republic Era, whereas the rest of the clone troopers were trained[19] far away[18] on Kamino.[19] Both groups were cloned from the same genetic source,[16] the human bounty hunter Jango Fett.[19] With the introduction of the Grand Army of the Republic followed by the first battle of the Clone Wars,[19] the clone shock troopers were organized as the Coruscant Guard under Clone Commander Fox.[20]

During the early days of the war, Ziro's Palace was raided by a contingent of shock troopers led by Fox. The clones charged into the establishment, destroying the Hutt crime lord's B1-series battle droids and IG-86 sentinel droids in order to rescue Senator Padmé Amidala. Ziro Desilijic Tiure tried to escape, but was cornered by the shock troopers and arrested on the senator's order. Ziro's subsequent confession to the abduction of his nephew Rotta, son of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, resulted in a formal treaty between the Hutt Clan and the Galactic Republic.[13]

Jek Rys and Thire cave

A trio of clone shock troopers served under Jedi General Yoda during a diplomatic mission to Rugosa.

Though assigned to Coruscant,[20] shock troopers were deployed throughout the galaxy as needed. A detachment of the Coruscant Guard—diplomatic service shock troopers "Jek," "Rys," and Clone Lieutenant Thire—escorted Jedi General Yoda to Rugosa where he sought an audience with the Toydarian king Katuunko during the early days of the Clone Wars. To prevent an alliance between Toydaria and the Republic, Count Dooku dispatched Asajj Ventress with an army to ambush and destroy the Republic envoy. The shock troopers fought back, destroying several battle droids before retreating on Yoda's orders due to the sheer number of droids. The clones had nearly exhausted their supply of ammunition in the firefight, and the lieutenant was injured. Yoda confronted the remaining enemy battalion alone, instructing his bodyguards to stand by and wait for the right moment to assist him. The opportunity came when a group of droidekas tried to ambush Yoda; armed with the squad's last missile, Thire created a rockslide that crushed the destroyer droids. After saving Katuunko from Ventress, the shock troopers and their general boarded a Low Altitude Assault Transport, having succeeded in their mission to secure Toydaria's support for the Republic.[16]

In 21 BBY[21] but still early in the war,[14] a captain of the Senate Guard, a Senate Commando named Faro Argyus, revealed he had betrayed the Republic and helped rescue the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray. Though he was murdered by Ventress out of annoyance,[22] his betrayal weakened the authority of the Senate Guard, as the loyalty of the organization was called into question.[14] Clone shock troopers grew to replace the Senate Guard, representing the growing executive power of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.[18]

Clones jar jar

Clone shock troopers accompanied Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks to Florrum.

Clone Commander Stone and other members of the Coruscant Guard were tasked with protecting Senator Kharrus and Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks during their mission to Florrum. However, the senator was killed as a result of an attack on their Nu-class transport by rogue members of the Ohnaka Gang. Although Stone was a clone trooper officer, Binks' status as a government official gave him authority over the clone shock troopers who were, therefore, obliged to follow the Gungan politician's orders. The group was forced to contend with Weequay pirates as they made their way to the base of Hondo Ohnaka, attempting to deliver a payment in spice for the ransom of Count Dooku. While they did not succeed in taking custody of the Separatist Head of State, Binks and the shock troopers managed to rescue the Jedi generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, both of whom had been taken captive by the pirates.[8]

Boba Confronts Mace Windu

Boba Fett was incarcerated in a prison guarded by clone shock troopers for trying to kill Jedi General Mace Windu.

Boba Fett, an unmodified clone of the Grand Army's original donor, Jango Fett, was arrested after attempting to assassinate Jedi General Mace Windu. The young clone was taken to the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, a Coruscant prison guarded by clone shock troopers. Following a brief confrontation between Windu and Fett, the shock troops escorted the prisoner into the facility on the general's orders.[23]

Sentries across the capital[]

"Mission accomplished, sir. The chancellor is safe."
"Well done, trooper."
―A clone shock trooper and Orn Free Taa[24]

Shock trooper patrols combed the streets of Coruscant to find Duchess Satine Kryze.

During the plot to kill Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, the Coruscant Guard patrolled the streets of the capital, stopping civilians to question them on the whereabouts of the Mandalorian noblewoman. Framed for the death of Davu Golec, Kryze hid from the clone shock troopers as well as the police droids and police probes scouring the city to find her. Two shock troopers, armed as clone riot troopers, were in the process of interrogating an Ithorian despite the alien's failure to communicate in Galactic Basic Standard. The same troopers almost captured Kryze, but the duchess managed to elude them by running through a crowded street. The clones who pursued her reported that Kryze was traveling in a speeder to Section IG-44, unaware that she had deceived them.[25]

Aurra Sing was brought to Coruscant following her attempt on the life of Senator Amidala at the refugee conference on Alderaan. The Royal Naboo Security Forces that brought Sing to the Jedi Temple were supplemented by clone shock troopers while guarding the captured assassin. Shortly afterward, General Skywalker and his Padawan, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, traveled to the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center where Ziro was incarcerated under the watchful guard of the clone shock troopers. Using a repulsorcraft piloted by a shock trooper, the Jedi duo confronted the Hutt prisoner in his cell where they tricked him into confessing his involvement in the plot to kill the Naboo people's representative.[5]

Ziro released

The Senate hostage crisis forced the clone shock troopers to release Ziro Desilijic Tiure from prison.

A crisis occurred on Coruscant when members of the Galactic Senate were held hostage by the bounty hunter Cad Bane and his hired mercenaries. Quickly dispatching any Senate Commandos in their path and using the captive politicians as leverage, Bane pressured Chancellor Palpatine to release Ziro Desilijic Tiure from prison. The Coruscant Guard attempted to outmaneuver Bane, initially complying with his demands while dispatching clone shock troopers to the Senate Office Building. One of the troopers contacted the Senator Orn Free Taa to confirm that they had secured the chancellor's office. With the chancellor safe, Commander Fox and his men confronted Bane's group as they attempted to leave the Senate headquarters. However, the bounty hunter threatened to kill his hostages with bombs planted within the Senate Building. The Clone Commander ordered his troops to stand down, the chancellor having agreed to allow the mercenaries to leave with Ziro in exchange for the hostages.[24]

Because Senate Commandos had failed to stop Bane, the hostage crisis became an argument in favor of the open use of clone troopers on Coruscant as secruity forces.[26] While the Coruscant Guard had already begun to be openly deployed on the capital at that point anyway,[25] the hostage crisis,[26] like Faro Argyus's betrayal,[14] hurt trust in the Blue Guard. As such, it helped usher in the new, clone-dominated era. One example of the change on Coruscant was as follows: for the first year or so of the Clone Wars, Senate Commandos had been used as additional secruity and as a quickly-deployed military force to meet the new secruity requirements faced by Coruscant. However, clone troopers came to replace the Senate Commandos in those roles.[26]

Clone shock troopers continued to serve as guards in the Detention Center on Coruscant while the Clone Wars continued; one of their prisoners was Archduke Poggle the Lesser, a Geonosian leader whom the Republic captured during the second invasion of Geonosis. Two clone guards escorted an officer of the Republic Corps of Engineers, Lieutenant Commander Orson Callan Krennic, to Poggle's cell where the surveillance system was taken offline for the duration of Krennic's visit. The troopers also deactivated the ray shield as Krennic wished to speak directly with Poggle regarding his involvement in the development of a secret battle station.[27]


The survivors who escaped from Lola Sayu were greeted by members of the Jedi High Council and the Coruscant Guard.

Several shock troopers were present at the Temple where members of the Jedi High Council welcomed the survivors from the Battle of Lola Sayu upon their return to Coruscant. One of the survivors, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, was escorted by two clone guards as he departed from the Temple on a Util-313 repulsorcraft, taking his half of the coordinates to the Nexus Route directly to Chancellor Palpatine.[28]

Senator Amidala's peace initiative prompted Dooku to send an infiltration team to Coruscant. Disguised as sweeper units, several infiltrator demolition droids approached the checkpoint to a restricted area guarded by clone shock troopers. Commander Fox allowed the droids to pass, unaware of their true programming, and even pointed them in the correct direction of Coruscant's central power distribution grid. The demolition droids self-detonated upon reaching their destination, causing a widespread blackout across Galactic City's Senate District which, in turn, undermined the peace process.[29]

Rako Hardeen plot[]

"Turn your weapons off stun. Kill the prisoners if you have to."
―A clone shock trooper[30]

A riot at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center was contained by clone shock troopers.

Following the staged demise of Obi-Wan Kenobi, his "killer," Rako Hardeen, was arrested by Skywalker and Tano, who turned him over to the custody of the Coruscant Guard. Unknown to all except High Council of the Jedi Order, the prisoner that the clone shock troopers escorted into the Detention Center was Kenobi disguised as Hardeen. While Kenobi was undercover, attempting to gather information on a plot to abduct the Supreme Chancellor, Cad Bane and Moralo Eval instigated a prison riot in order to escape from the Detention Center. Clone shock troopers tried to contain the riot using non-lethal weapons such as electrostaffs and the stun setting on their blaster rifles. As the riot spread from the cafeteria to the prison's corridors, the shock troopers were given authorization to use deadly force against the inmates. Though the shock troops eventually restored order, Bane and Eval escaped with Kenobi whom they believed to be Hardeen.[30]


Cad Bane and Moralo Eval were arrested by clone shock troopers for abducting the Supreme Chancellor on Naboo.

With Chancellor Palpatine adamant on attending the 847th anniversary of the Festival of Light, General Windu gathered a security force comprising both Senate Guards and clone shock troopers. The shock troopers stayed in close proximity to the Supreme Chancellor as well as his entourage, including Skywalker, Amidala, and Vice Chair Mas Amedda. During the festival in Theed, however, the Chancellor was captured by Bane and Eval. Kenobi, still disguised as Hardeen, prevented them from leaving Naboo with Palpatine as their hostage, giving the Jedi time to intercept the mercenaries and rescue the Chancellor. Eval surrendered and was arrested alongside Bane by the shock troopers. One of the clones restrained Bane as he shouted threats at Kenobi upon discovering his true identity. Believing the incident was over, the Jedi allowed the security force to leave Naboo at the insistence of Palpatine, who assured them that Skywalker was sufficient for his protection.[11]

Reaching the end[]

"We're taking you in now, Commander."
"That's not going to happen, trust me. Now, I'm not going to hurt any of you… We're not going to hurt any of you, but you're not taking me in."
"Commander, we are taking you in."
―Wolffe and Ahsoka Tano, Tano resisting arrest from shock troopers — (audio) Listen (file info)[31]

The bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar precipitated a civilian protest against the Clone Wars. Clone shock troopers, armed with riot control gear, were stationed as sentries at the end of the Temple's Processional Way where they blocked the protesters from advancing on the main entrance to the Temple. The Jedi Temple Guard, under the command of Jedi Master Cin Drallig, supplemented the shock troops during the demonstration.[32]


Clone shock troopers tried to capture Ahsoka Tano after she was framed for the killing of Letta Turmond.

Ahsoka Tano was detained by clone shock troopers in the Republic Center for Military Operations; she had been framed for the killing of Letta Turmond, a prisoner involved in the terrorist attack on the Temple, and was arrested by Commander Fox on the suspicion of murder. Skywalker demanded access to his Padawan, but the shock troopers stood their ground, refusing to allow him entry into the facility's prison area as ordered by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin. Tano attempted to escape from the Republic military base after she was framed for assaulting and killing several shock troopers. A manhunt ensued with shock trooper patrols deploying throughout the facility to capture the Jedi apprentice. Dodging and deflecting a barrage of stun bolts, Tano evaded Fox's shock troopers and fled to the lower levels of Coruscant.[6]

Video store

A group of clone shock troopers encounter Asajj Ventress while hunting Ahsoka Tano in the Coruscant underworld.

Both the Coruscant Guard and the Coruscant Security Force searched for Tano in the undercity; she was found with Asajj Ventress on Level 1315 by a detachment of clone shock troopers led by Clone Commander Wolffe of the 104th Battalion. Despite holding a numerical advantage, the clones were disarmed of their blasters and overpowered by the two Force-sensitives. Wolffe and his shock troops resumed their search for Tano whom they found in a warehouse filled with incriminating evidence connected to the attack on the Jedi Temple. Using a stun bolt to incapacitate her, the shock troopers recaptured Tano and transported her back to the Republic base.[31]

Clone shock troopers escorted Tano to her trial, presided by Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine at the Republic Center for Military Operations. Before the trial concluded, Anakin Skywalker entered the court room with the Jedi Temple Guards and Barriss Offee, who confessed to the crimes that Tano had been accused of committing. Offee was then escorted out of the chamber by clone shock troopers as well as the Temple Guards.[33]


Accused of attacking the Supreme Chancellor, Fives was hunted by clone shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard.

Fives, an Advanced Recon Commando of the 501st Legion, was taken to the Grand Republic Medical Facility on Coruscant as part of an investigation concerning the behavioral modification biochips implanted within all clone troopers. Clone shock troopers were stationed in the facility upon Fives' arrival, supplementing the Red Guards of Chancellor Palpatine's security force. A scuffle ensued between Fives and the Chancellor's guards, and Palpatine accused the ARC trooper of attacking him. Fives fled from the facility, having learned that his fellow clones were programmed to betray and kill their Jedi officers. The Coruscant Guard deployed shock troops to hunt the fugitive clone. One of the locations they searched was 79's, a cantina frequented by off-duty clones. Their arrival caused Fives to leave, though not before he was identified by an observation droid. Tracking the renegade to Hangar 18 on Level 1325, Commander Fox and his troops confronted Fives and ordered him to surrender. Fives raised a blaster pistol at Fox who shot first, resulting in the ARC trooper's demise before he could prove his claim about a plot against the Jedi.[34]


Senator Amidala's clone shock troopers were killed by Separatist battle droids during the invasion of Scipio.

Senator Amidala brought an escort of clone shock troopers, under the leadership of Clone Commander "Thorn," to the InterGalactic Banking Clan headquarters on Scipio. While Amidala was permitted to enter the city, her guards and their counterparts, Separatist Congress Leader Bec Lawise's BX-series droid commandos, were required to remain at their respective landing platforms due to the city's neutral status. Thorn and his men complied, but also assured Amidala that they were ready to assist the senator when needed. However, the Confederacy military launched an invasion of Scipio which began with a preemptive strike against Thorn's garrison. Separatist starfighters destroyed the Coruscant Guard's Consular-class Armed Cruiser as well as their Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships, while HMP droid gunships deployed battle droids to kill the remaining shock troopers. Unable to retreat into the city Thorn and his men made a final stand. The commander continued to fight after the last of his troops fell in battle,[35] fighting valiantly until the droids killed him.[36]

Order 66[]

"Sir, are you all right?"
"Fine, just tired is all. I want you to go to the detention level. Execute Maul."
"Yes, sir."
―A clone shock trooper and Rex[10]

Clone shock troopers attempted to execute Maul during Order 66, but the former Sith Lord was saved by Ahsoka Tano.

Following the Republic victory on Mandalore, the Coruscant Guard dispatched an escort of clone shock troopers to assist the 332nd Division as they transported the former Sith Maul to Coruscant. Along the way, however, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious—the secret identity of Sheev Palpatine—issued Order 66 to the clone troopers, all of whom were programmed to obey this directive without hesitation. As the members of the 332nd spread throughout the Venator-class Star Destroyer Tribunal hunting their former ally, Ahsoka Tano, Clone Commander Rex instructed the shock troopers to execute Maul. Reaching Maul's cell in time, Tano disarmed and incapacitated the shock troops before they could carry out Rex's orders.[10]

Meanwhile, Commander Fox and his clone shock troopers targeted the Jedi on Coruscant,[37] where the Jedi Temple was besieged by the 501st Legion, by then under the command of the newly christened Sith Lord Darth Vader.[15] Like all clones, Fox and his troops complied with Order 66, believing it was their duty to suppress the Jedi whom they now regarded as "agitators."[37] The shock troopers focused on containing the Jedi Temple and eliminating any jedi that remained around coruscant. Notably they lead efforts to eliminate Jedi Master Kelleran Beq who escaped the Jedi temple along with Grogu. They were stopped by a group of Royal Naboo Security Officers. Beq was able to escape with Grogu on a Naboo yacht despite the shock troopers efforts.[38]

End of the Clone Wars[]

"The end of the war."
"Say again, Trooper."
"General Grievous was defeated on Utapau. The Separatist leadership has collapsed. The war is over."
―A clone shock trooper and "Hunter"[9]
Coruscant Guards on Kamino

A contingent of the Coruscant Guard was sent to Kamino in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.

By the end of the Clone Wars[9] in 19 BBY,[12] a contingent of the Coruscant Guard was deployed to the Kaminoan capital Tipoca City. The city was under lockdown by this time, with clone shock troopers patrolling the landing platforms and the various corridors. "Hunter," a genetically enhanced clone commando who served as the commanding officer of Clone Force 99 "Bad Batch," was surprised to see the red-armored shock troopers on Kamino. Having returned to Kamino in the aftermath of their mission on Kaller, neither Hunter nor his squad were aware of recent developments until an officer of the Coruscant Guard informed them that the Battle of Utapau had resulted in the defeat of General Grievous, consequently breaking the resolve of the Separatist leadership and ending the Clone Wars.[9]


An officer of the Coruscant Guard reported the end of the Clone Wars to the members of Clone Force 99.

While speaking with the the Coruscant Guard officer, the members of Clone Force 99 noticed two clone troopers carrying the dead body of a Jedi on a stretcher. The officer informed the commandos of a mandatory general assembly scheduled at fifteen hundred hours, giving the Bad Batch enough time to retire to their barracks before the Supreme Chancellor's address on the state of the Republic.[9]

The clone shock troopers were stationed in the staging area of Tipoca City where they witnessed Chancellor Palpatine's proclamation of the New Order, a speech that he gave on Coruscant and broadcasted to Kamino. In addition to the Coruscant Guard troops who stood behind an assembly of clone troopers, there were shock troopers positioned near several Kaminoan government officials who also attended the briefing, including Prime Minister Lama Su, his aide Taun We, and Doctor Nala Se.[9]

With the extermination of most Jedi across the galaxy, the New Order rose to power replacing the Republic as the Galactic Empire.[15] The Grand Army of the Republic was reorganized as the Imperial Army, the clone troopers were rechristened as stormtroopers,[39] and the Coruscant Guard's elite clone units remained in service[4] as Imperial clone shock troopers.[2]

The Empire's elite[]

"Shock troopers, closing in!"
Gial Ackbar[40]

The Imperial shock troopers failed to locate Yoda after his duel with Darth Sidious in the Senate Building on Coruscant.

Following Yoda's duel with Sidious, the self-styled Galactic Emperor,[15] the Coruscant Guard searched the Senate Building but failed to locate the Grand Master, who evaded the clone guards before escaping into exile. Their efforts shifted to helping the Emperor recover his injured Sith apprentice on Mustafar,[4] with Commander Thire assembling a squad of the best Imperial shock troopers to accompany their lord.[41] They returned to Coruscant using a medical capsule to bring Vader to the Grand Republic Medical Facility, which also hosted a security force of shock troopers by the time of the Emperor's arrival.[15]


A contingent of shock troopers from the Coruscant Guard was dispatched to Kamino as a security detail for Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin.

A contingent of the Coruscant Guard escorted Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin to Kamino, where the Imperial officer intended to assess the needs of the new Imperial Army and ultimately determine whether the Empire required the future service of clone troopers. At Tarkin's direction, the Imperial clone shock troopers arrested the Bad Batch after the admiral found their loyalty to the Empire wanting. The shock troopers delivered Crosshair to Tarkin and Nala Se for reprogramming, while the rest of Clone Force 99 was held in a prison cell in Tipoca City. Aided by a genetically modified clone, known as Omega, the commandos incapacitated the clone guards and attempted to escape from Kamino. They were confronted by a squad of shock troopers led by a reprogrammed Crosshair; despite their efforts, the Imperial clones failed to prevent their renegade brethren from escaping into the greater galaxy.[9] During Padmé Amidala's funeral, shock troopers provided security for the ceremony.[42]


Fox posted shock troopers around the Jedi Temple, securing the area by the time of Darth Vader's arrival.

During the early days of the Imperial Era, shock troopers served as personal guards of the Emperor.[18] They were also put in charge of the hunt for Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, the former Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives and a high-value target of the Empire. Nu used the Force to influence the minds of Commander Fox and his men in order to gain entry into the fallen Jedi Temple.[43] The Temple was locked down by the Coruscant Guard and supplemental units of the Coruscant Security Force by the time of Lord Vader's arrival. The commander assured the Emperor's lieutenant that the area was secured by his soldiers, and that the fugitive Jedi would not escape from the Temple.[37]

However, Fox did not provide the other clones with Vader's description; as such, they opened fire on him, mistaking the Sith Lord for a Jedi during his pursuit of Nu. Vader took direct control of the shock troopers after executing Fox, and ultimately captured Nu with the aid of the Coruscant Guard. Several guardsmen were with Vader when he interrogated Nu, and discovered from the Jedi that they were, in fact, taking orders from another Jedi. The revelation of his former identity of Anakin Skywalker caused Vader to kill all of the shock troopers around him, an act which he blamed Nu for, although Nu was unconcerned as she felt that the clones had chosen their fate.[44]

Several months after the formation of the Empire, squads of shock troopers were in attendance for the voting on the Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill in the Imperial Senate Building, and provided security for the occasion. After having been exposed for the bombardment and destruction of Kamino before the Senate, Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart was arrested by a squad of shock troopers on orders from Emperor Palpatine, who publicly condemned Rampart's actions.[45] Later, a squad of shock troopers was part of the security detail attached to Governor Tarkin, Commander Orson Krennic, General Hurst Romodi, Admiral Barton Coburn and Doctor Royce Hemlock at the military summit at the Raven's Peak on Eriadu.[46]


Imperial shock troopers forced Orvek's neighborhood to leave their homes to destruction.

During or before 18 BBY,[47] a team of shock troopers were dispatched to guard an Imperial effort to clear a city to make room for a new relay station. With the citizens objecting, one of the shock troopers repeated the explanation for what was happening before noting that the citizens would be compensated for what they dubbed an "inconvenience." When a man spoke up about how they had nowhere else to go, the shock troopers raised their DC-15A blaster carbines against the crowd, ordering the citizens, among them a man named Orvek, to leave.[48] Ultimately, the Emperor ruled the galaxy for decades, from the end of the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[49] Imperial shock troopers remained in service during this time period, acting as specialized units in the Stormtrooper Corps. Following the Emperor's demise in the Battle of Endor, the shock troopers served in the Battle of Jakku[40] where the New Republic defeated the Empire.[20]


"I was here on Coruscant. Did my part—all the clones did. Shut those Jedi agitators down cold."
Clone Shock Trooper 05

The shock troopers who once served the Galactic Republic became the elite enforcers of the Galactic Empire.

The shock troopers' role in the initial Great Jedi Purge was remembered by their commanding officer, Fox shortly before his death. Commander Fox told Lord Vader that the shock troopers carried out their duty like all clone troopers by "coldly" executing Order 66 against the "Jedi agitators."[37] After serving as a Coruscant police force during the Clone Wars, clone shock troopers became the elite forces of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Orvek's experience with the Empire and its shock troopers inspired a hate for the regime within him, with the former Padawan Ferren Barr playing on those emotions with a mind trick to turn him into one of his disciples.[48] Like the Grand Army of the Republic and the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps,[37] the Alliance Military had specialized units who were trained for rapid deployment, and therefore classified as shock troopers.[50] Colloquially referred to as "droppers,"[51] Rebel shock troopers such as Carasynthia Dune possessed skills that emphasized stealth and speed. During the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance utilized dropships to deploy the shock troopers into battle. They worked in teams and did not rely on the support of other Rebel units.[52]

The Alliance's successor, the New Republic, inherited the shock troopers who helped to secure the victory of the Rebellion over the Galactic Empire. However, without the Empire to fight, the shock troopers were repurposed to suppress riots, protect political dignitaries, and maintain peace in the New Republic Era. Dune therefore left the New Republic Defense Force, retiring to the Outer Rim Territories[52] where she later resumed her service to the nascent government as a marshal.[53]


"Should we arrest the Hutt, Senator?"
―Fox, to Padmé Amidala — (audio) Listen (file info)[13]

During the Clone Wars, clone shock troopers maintained order on the Galactic Republic capital as the Coruscant Guard.

An elite division of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Coruscant shock troopers were trained to perform rapid strike missions.[50] Additionally, they received special training for deployment in urban environments[1] to serve as a security force in such locations.[18] Their training gave them a high proficiency in close quarters combat,[1] which, along with crowd control, they specialized in. A symbol of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's executive power,[18] they served primarily as security police for the Republic Senate,[4] its buildings,[24] and as prison guards[30] tasked with keeping order in a large facility like the Central Detention Center.[54] They also performed duties such as bodyguards for Republic officials[16] and as urban peacekeepers with some troopers trained specifically for riot control.[25]

Like the Senate Guard,[22] which lost the authority to oversee high-value prisoner transfers after the betrayal of Captain Faro Argyus,[14] shock troopers were sent as additional guards for prisoners during their transfer to Coruscant. Notably they escorted Ziro the Hutt[24] and Maul[10]. The Senate Guard had previously been tasked with the protection of Republic officials and buildings,[18][15] but over the course of the war, it was supplemented & supplanted by the Coruscant Guard.[4]


Clone shock troopers were trained in hunting high-value targets, including renegade clones and Jedi fugitives.

Another aspect of the shock troopers' role was to capture or terminate[6] high-value targets.[50] This extended to hunting fugitives on Coruscant, such as Ahsoka Tano[4] or Fives.[34] Their commanding officer, Commander Fox, was known for his sense of honor, his commitment to his duty as a soldier, and his loyalty to Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. These traits were common among all clone troopers who served in the Coruscant Guard. Fox was regarded as an exemplary soldier, and his willingness to lead his shock troops in the most dangerous situations made him one of the most decorated troopers in the clone army.[55] Commander Thorn and his men were likewise loyal to the Republic, and died fighting valiantly against its enemies.[36]


Clone shock troopers served as a diplomatic escort in addition to their main role as a security force on Coruscant.

While the Coruscant Guard spent much of the Clone Wars away from the battlefield due to their assignment on the Republic capital, shock troopers such as Commander Stone possessed combat skills that were useful for diplomatic missions. For all of their training, however, neither Stone nor his troops were prepared for the experience of serving under Jar Jar Binks.[56] The three shock troopers who served under Yoda on Rugosa were desperate to gain the Jedi General's approval, fearing that failure to complete their mission would invalidate their worth as soldiers.[57] Lieutenant Thire was willing to sacrifice his life, as well as his shock troopers, by volunteering to remain behind to delay the Separatist droids for as long as they could.[16] Yoda, on the other hand, was disturbed by the subservient nature of clone troopers upon feeling it within the shock troops.[57] As such, he sought to educate the three about how they were individual people.[16]

The original purpose of the clone shock troopers was to serve as security police for the administrative buildings on Coruscant, as well as bodyguards for Republic officials. Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the shock troopers became elite units in the Empire's forces.[2] Imperial shock troopers were high-class stormtroopers selected from the Stormtrooper Corps of the Galactic Empire. This new generation of shock troopers specialized in heavy weapons on the battlefield, forming elite frontline forces of the Empire. They also served as high-end security forces on Coruscant, as well as bodyguards for Emperor Palpatine.[40]




Clone shock trooper armor bore the red markings of the Coruscant Guard.

Clone shock troopers were provided with the same clone trooper armor utilized by other clones in the Grand Army of the Republic.[13] However, due to the shock troopers' role as specialized units in the Grand Army of the Republic, their clone armor and equipment were designed for "rapid strikes against high-value targets."[50] A set of plastoid armor plates worn over a body glove,[58] the shock troopers' Phase I clone trooper armor had red markings that distinguished them from other military units.[20] Its successor, Phase II clone trooper armor,[58] was adopted by shock troopers after its introduction to the ranks of the Grand Army. With their new armor, the shock troopers adopted new unit markings associated with members of the Coruscant Guard.[20] Like other suits of clone armor, they possessed a comlink on their right forearm,[6] which was also equipped with the bodysuit's environmental controls.[18]


Officers in the Coruscant Guard wore additional pieces of armor such as the pauldron

Ranking shock troopers customized their armor with additional equipment, such as command pauldrons,[16] helmet visors,[6] and shoulder antennas.[35] The Phase II clone trooper armor continued to serve the Imperial clone shock troopers, who also retained the distinctive red markings of the Coruscant Guard, during the early years of the Imperial Era.[2] Although shock troopers continued to use the Clone War-era armor well into the Galactic Civil War,[59] in time a customized version of the stormtrooper armor was introduced to the shock troopers' ranks, bearing the familiar color patterns[40] of the Coruscant Guard.[20] The new armor bore distinctive red markings on the helmet, spaulders, shin guards, and utility belts, which maintained extreme resistance to small-arms blaster fire.[40]

Weaponry and vehicles[]

"Jek. Concerned about weapons you are. Weapons do not win battles. Your mind, powerful it is! Mmm? Outthink the droids you can."
―Yoda, to "Jek" — (audio) Listen (file info)[16]

A Coruscant Guard Gunship, the LAAT/i variant used by clone shock troopers.

Shock troopers had access to weapons commonly used by soldiers of the Republic Military, including DC-15A blaster rifles, DC-15A blaster carbines,[13] and DC-17 hand blasters.[6] These weapons had a stun setting that shock troopers used for the purpose of capturing or sedating their targets instead of killing them. However, under more dangerous circumstances they could be permitted to use lethal force.[30] Having trained to maintain order among large groups of civilians[32] or inmates, shock troopers possessed various melee weapons and gear such as electrostaffs,[30] TZ-97 "Zapper" Shock Batons, and riot shields.[25] They were also provided with a supply of heavy weapons and equipment for diplomatic missions. These weapons included the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, the RPS-6 rocket launcher, and grenades.[16] The Coruscant Guard Gunship[60] was the name for a red model of LAAT/i used by shock troopers, whether or not they were on Coruscant itself.[35]

Often deployed in pairs, the stormtrooper variant served mainly as a support unit—taking vantage points, occasionally driving tanks, and suppressing enemies with the heavy arsenal at their disposal, which included a DC-15A blaster carbine, a DC-15A blaster rifle,[15] a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, RT-97C heavy blaster rifle, and a DLT-20A blaster rifle,[40] or an E-60R rocket launcher.[59] They also used the standard issue E-11 medium blaster rifle, typical of every stormtrooper within the Empire.[40]

Behind the scenes[]

Clone shock troopers first appeared in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[15] Shock troopers also appeared on the cover of Kanan 1, although they do not appear in the issue itself.[61] Star Wars: Card Trader's card for clone shock troopers stated they were created on Coruscant,[1] but more recent sources have confirmed they hailed from Kamino, like all other clones.[17][62]


Star Wars Princess Kanan

Shock troopers on the cover of Kanan 1

Non-canon appearances[]


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