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An Imperial starship, a type of starfighter, was hijacked at Gordon on Aquilae by Luke Skywalker, Annikin Starkiller, Han Solo, Leia, Artwo and Threepio as they escaped from the trap set aboard the Baltarian freighter by Valorum.

It was docked in a secured area, but was accessed through subterfuge and jury rigging. Two bubble-domed turrets allowed crew to fire lazercannons at opposing craft. It was equipped with shields, which covered individual sections of the ship.

It was pursued by hunter destroyers, a type of Imperial ship. After enduring a barrage of torpedoes and laser shots, it became heavily damaged over the planet Yavin, where the crew bailed out into life pods.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Imperial starship" was the name given to this craft in the rough draft script. It may be a Banta Four. If it had two manned turrets and room for 5-7 crew it was a rather large starfighter.

It is the conceptual predecessor to the "pirate ship" that eventually became the Millennium Falcon in later drafts.

There is no sign of a hyperdrive, and the astrography is ambiguous, though they navigate using a galactic map.

In The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film, the ship is referred to as a "royal starship". It is an Imperial ship in the script.



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