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"The submarines are surfacing and attacking our bombers!"
Wedge Antilles during the Battle of Dubrillion[src]

The sleek Imperial submarine was deployed by the Galactic Empire on the planet Dubrillion to defend the ocean-based superlaser facility against Y-wing bombers and the X-wing starfighters during the Rebel assault on the planet.


The Imperial submarines deployed from the aquatic facility on Dubrillion were vital in the Empire's defensive forces, able to quickly emerge to the water's surface and attack the Alliance's aerial forces using powerful homing missiles.

They were able to travel across the surface at amazing speeds, and were difficult to spot from high in the air. Though the submarines did not have any shields, a starfighter or bomber would have to fly very low in order to inflict any damage upon the submarine. This, however, gave the submarines a clear and easy shot at any incoming attackers.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Bonus unlockable concept art for a "combat speeder" in the video game Star Wars: The Clone Wars is nearly identical in appearance to Imperial submarines.


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