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One of the Imperial thrones, onboard the second Death Star in 4 ABY.

The Imperial throne was the ceremonial chair utilized by the leader of the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Emperor. In large part because of its occupant, Emperor Palpatine, wearing plain robes and a cowl, the throne's design was primarily simple, consisting solely of a swivel-mount contour chair. On its armrests are control keys for enabling communications to Imperial officers, as well as the activation of a personal shield generator and a Royal Guard summoner. Its appearance was also derived from the Chair of Office dating back to the days of the Galactic Republic.

At least for the one used for the Death Star II, the throne also was equipped with control panels on one of the armrests to physically turn the massive throne, as well as light-beam secure communication links to allow the Emperor to summon various personnel aboard the battlestation, including his advisors, Darth Vader, the Death Star's commander, or members of the Imperial Guard. Besides the concealed personal deflector shield generator, the throne also was made of layers of ultra-dense alloyed armor.

One of the thrones was rigged with an explosive early in the Galactic Empire's formation, in an assassination attempt against Palpatine orchestrated by the Heinsnake Cult. The assassination attempt failed due to Vader's quick actions by Force-pushing Palpatine away from the rigged throne and then Force-pushing the throne itself out the window just before detonation.



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