This article is about the treaded battle droid. You may be looking for the bipedal warbot.

Imperial warbots were huge battle droids released to supplement the Imperial ground forces following the Battle of Hoth. While not as menacing as AT-ATs, they were nonetheless deadly.


Each droid resembled a mobile turret, with treaded wheels, two clawed arms, and a rotating head equipped with blaster cannons.



The warbot crushes Z-X3's forces.

They proved deadly to the Rebels at the Battle of Xeron.

The Alliance managed to disable and capture one warbot, and R2-D2 attempted to analyze its design for flaws. Unfortunately, the astromech accidentally damaged the warbot beyond use. R2-D2 and C-3PO took the damaged machine to Kligson's Moon, hoping Kligson could reconstruct its blueprints.

Unfortunately, Z-X3 already had acquired a damaged warbot. By combining pieces of the two damaged warbots, he created a functioning machine, which he intended to turn against Kligson. Kligson, however, had foreseen and prepared for the mutiny, and turned the warbot against Z-X3 and its cohorts, destroying them. Kligson then returned R2-D2 and C-3PO to the Alliance with complete warbot blueprints.



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