The Impound was a prison at the Arkadianate capital of Calimondretta on the icy planet of Syned, deep within the Grumani sector. During the Republic Dark Age, it was used by the Sith Lord Arkadia Calimondra to imprison and punish any opponents to her rule.


These prisons resembled a large data-processing center and consisted of a series of tall rows of stacked horizontal metal cabinets. Each of these cabinets could house one inmate, who was fed air and nutrients through a series of tubes. The Impound's prisoners were regularly questioned by several interrogator droids who hovered on floating platforms. Communication between these interrogator droids and their inmates were conducted via a series of internal speaker systems.

Each of the Impound's cells were also fitted with bright interior lights and high-pitch sound systems, which were designed to cause sensual discomfort to the inmates. These visual and sound systems operated alternately at irregular intervals, leaving the inmate in a constant state of stress. The frequency of these systems could be adjusted to coerce inmates into being more cooperative or providing the required information. The Jedi Knight Kerra Holt speculated that the Impound was used to incarcerate prisoners of war taken during the Second Charge Matrica, indoctrinate dissidents, and to punish individuals who had failed in their various rotational occupations.


In 1032 BBY, Kerra Holt was imprisoned by Arkadia Calimondra in one of the Impound's cells in retaliation for her refusal to work as an assassin for the Sith Lord. Arkadia had planned to assassinate her grandmother and the Calimondra family matriarch Vilia Calimondra as part of a conspiracy to end the Charge Matrica conflicts. She intended to use Kerra as a courier to transport her younger brother Quillan, who would then kill Vilia. In retaliation for Kerra's defiance, Arkadia had her dispatched to the Impound where she intended to have her interrogator droids question her about her knowledge about the Galactic Republic and other Sith states. However, Kerra was rescued by the Bothan spy Narsk Ka'hane—an agent of Vilia—who convinced her to create a diversion that would allow Jarrow Rusher and the refugees aboard the Diligence to escape Syned.

Kerra was unable to free the other inmates because they had already been exposed to Chagras's Blood, a deadly neurotoxin which had been developed as a bioweapon for Arkadia's planned irredentist campaign. Following her escape, Kerra fought off several Citizen Guards near the spaceport. In the ensuing fighting, much of Calimondretta was damaged by a series of explosives deployed by both Rusher's Brigade and Arkadia's forces. At the climax of the fighting, she even succeeded in engaging in a lightsaber duel with Arkadia herself. The Diligence and its crew and passengers succeeded in escaping the Arkadianate, and were joined by several Arkadiante citizens who were unhappy with Arkadia's dictatorial rule.


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