"They've gone mad. They're destroying droids all over the city!"
"They aren't mad. They're just frightened. The Yuuzhan Vong are on Ando, and may well conquer the planet."
―A 3D-4 administrative droid and Dorsk 82[1]

Imthitill was an atoll-city on the planet Ando that possessed cylindrical white towers and was home to members of the Aqualish species. In the year 26 ABY, the Jedi Knight Dorsk 82 was killed outside Imthitill after he tried to save some of the droids that the inhabitants of the atoll-city were destroying to appease the invading Yuuzhan Vong.


Imthitill was a city[1] located on a vast atoll[3] in one of the salt-water oceans of the[1] Mid Rim[4] planet Ando, the homeworld of the Aqualish species. The city contained cylindrical white towers that had lights, and a stone causeway—ancient[1] by the year 26 ABY[2]—connected Imthitill to an abandoned fishing platform. Other fishing platforms floated on the waters near the atoll-city.[1]


In 25 ABY, the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy and began an assault on the government of the New Republic as the invaders strove to reach the Core Worlds. By 26 ABY,[2] the Yuuzhan Vong had reached Ando in the Mid Rim, where the inhabitants began to destroy droids to appease the invaders, who considered such mechanical things to be abominations. In Imthitill, droids were exterminated all over the city using a massive fire, though the Jedi Knight Dorsk 82 managed to herd thirty-eight droids to his starship on the abandoned fishing platform so he could get them off-world. Despite being pursued by a mob of Aqualish who were intent on destroying the droids, Dorsk 82 met his doom when a group of eight security officers had his starship destroyed before it could takeoff and then proceeded to kill the Jedi on the causeway.[1]


Imthitill was home to at least fifty members of the Aqualish species, with at least one of them working on a tug. In addition, droids were present in Imthitill until the purge[1] in 26 ABY.[2] The city also had security officers, who wore yellow body armor.[1]

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The city of Imthitill first appeared in Greg Keyes' Edge of Victory I: Conquest, a 2001 installment of The New Jedi Order series. In 2008, it received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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