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"Freia lures the Neimoidians to Imynusoph, whose natives seem peaceable, though Freia has become rather high-handed in her dealings […]. Thoax and Farge are eager to stake their claim on to this purported treasure world (Thoax and Farge: "The Vaults of Imynusoph"), and are horrified when Freia reveals herself at a banquet in a great temple […]"
―Excerpts from the program for the 38:2:13 premiere of The Kallea Cycle[1]

Imynusoph was an Outer Rim Territories world that, according to the opera The Kallea Cycle, was the site of rumored treasures around 3694 BBY, when the hyperspace scout Freia Kallea charted the final segment of the super-hyperroute that would become known as the Hydian Way. In the opera, Imynusoph was the homeworld of the peaceful Imyni species.

The opera depicted the attempt by Kallea to capture her rivals Thoax and Farge Osaax in the Temple of Imynusoph, with her plans waylaid by the betrayal of the Imyni and the arrival of reinforcements for both the scout's and the Osaaxes's side of the confrontation. In the opera's climax, a battle ensued between the parties present on Imynusoph, which led to the death of Kallea's fellow scout, Banu Hydia.

Nearly four millennia after Kallea extended the Hydian Way to Imynusoph, the latter remained outside of the borders of galactic governments but was considered part of the Kallea sector by 0 ABY.


Imynusoph was a world located within the star system of the same name, which was part of the Outer Rim Territories'[1] Kallea sector.[2]


In 3694 BBY, the Human hyperspace scout Freia Kallea extended a hyperlane she had previously blazed that connected the Rimma Trade Route with the Terminus system. Kallea charted a new route, which would eventually be named the Hydian Spur, from Terminus to Imynusoph. The Hydian Spur went on to become the final segment of the Hydian Way super-hyperroute stretching across the entire galaxy.[1]

The area of space surrounding Imynusoph had been explored by 3000 BBY. During the Clone Wars, the Outer Rim world fell outside the borders of the Galactic Republic,[1] and remained outside the sphere of influence of the Galactic Empire by 17 BBY,[3] although it became incorporated as part of the Empire's Kallea sector by 0 ABY.[2] Around 25 ABY, the population of the Imynusoph system numbered less than one million.[1]

The Kallea Cycle[]

"[…] even as the Neimoidians summon a band of Gran and Dug thugs they've brought for protection—and Sival Brentioch […] arrives with a fleet from Brentaal. In the battle that follows, Banu saves Freia but is mortally wounded."
―Excerpts from the program for the 38:2:13 premiere of The Kallea Cycle[1]

Twenty-two hundred years after Kallea blazed the Hydian Way, the composer Trebian Shullos wrote The Kallea Cycle, an opera that depicted how the resolute scout overcame the difficulties in charting the extensive hyperlane. The climax of the third and final act of the opera, which was titled "The Temple of Imynusoph," took place on Imynusoph, which in the musical composition was depicted as a rumored treasure world.[1]

Imynusoph was the setting of the climax in the opera The Kallea Cycle.

In the opera, Kallea attempted to exact revenge on her rivals Thoax and Farge Osaax by setting a trap for them on Imynusoph. The Human scout lured the two Neimoidians, who were eager to claim the purported riches of Imynusoph—as represented by the aria "The Vaults of Imynusoph"—to a great temple there. To the horror of the Osaaxes, Kallea revealed herself at a banquet at the temple and ordered the native Imyni to bind the Neimoidians.[1]

However, the natives chose that moment to turn on all the offworlders as a result of Kallea's high-handed attitude. At the same time, a band of Dug and Gran thugs hired by the Neimoidians for protection arrived on Imynusoph, and so did a fleet led by Kallea's secret admirer and patron, Sival Brentioch, whom the scout knew only by the name "Arhul Habea."[1]

During the climactic battle that ensued, the temple was set ablaze, and Kallea was saved by her fellow scout, the Duros Banu Hydia, at the cost of his own life. As Hydia lay dying, Brentioch revealed to Kallea his true identity as well as his feelings for the scout and his patronage of her trailblazing work. In the opera's denouement, the Osaaxes were arrested, and Kallea and Brentioch left Imynusoph, taking Hydia's body with them for burial on their native world, Brentaal.[1]


"Freia orders the Imyni to bind the Neimoidians, but the Imyni turn on all the outworlders […]"
―Excerpts from the program for the 38:2:13 premiere of The Kallea Cycle[1]

In the opera The Kallea Cycle, Imynusoph was depicted as home to the sentient Imyni species. The Imyni were portrayed as being peaceful people when offworlders first arrived on Imynusoph, but Freia Kallea's inconsiderate behavior led the natives to revolt against all the foreign visitors that had arrived on their world.[1]


"As he [Banu Hydia] lies dying in the burning temple, Sival reveals his true identity and his role as Freia's benefactor […]"
―Excerpts from the program for the 38:2:13 premiere of The Kallea Cycle[1]

Imynusoph was portrayed in the opera The Kallea Cycle as the site of a great structure known as the Temple of Imynusoph. In the composition, Freia Kallea attempted to capture her rivals Thoax and Farge Osaax during a banquet in the temple. Her plans went awry due to an insurgence by the local Imyni people as well as the arrival of other parties connected to Kallea and the Osaaxes, and the temple was set ablaze during the ensuing confrontation.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Imynusoph was introduced via mention of the Temple of Imynusoph in the "Galaxywide NewsNets" feature of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 13, which was published in May 1997. The feature was authored by Peter Schweighofer.[4]

The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, identified Imynusoph as a world and placed it in grid square J-21.[1] Fry has stated that the star systems listed in Appendix section of The Essential Atlas are named after the most prominent planets or celestial bodies located in those systems. This article therefore considers the Imynusoph system to be named after the planet Imynusoph, which is assumed to have existed in the Star Wars galaxy independently of its in-universe depiction in The Kallea Cycle.



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