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This article is about Ince, a clone trooper. You may be looking for the clone trooper lieutenant nicknamed "Inc".
"Make that two troopers I've got to replace."
―Captain Rex, after Ince's death[src]

"Ince" was the nickname of a clone trooper in Torrent Company during the Clone Wars.


Along with several other troopers, including Sergeant Coric in 22 BBY,[1] Ince accompanied Captain Rex to JanFathal as part of a mission aimed at rescuing the captured Republic Intelligence agent Hallena Devis. He was shot in the lower torso by a battle droid during the mission, and while he was kept alive and transported back to the Republic warship Leveler, he succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter. He only had eight days of service out of Kamino.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Gentlemen, show me some life signs before I resort to CPR…"
"Receiving, sir, just…awaiting orders."
"You can move, you know. And talk."
"Yes, sir."
"Permission to engage in witty banter—in your own time, go on."
"Witty banter commencing, sir…stand by."
―Captain Rex and Ince[src]

Ince was considered the "funny man" of his squad. He generally would have a witty remark to most situations.


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