The Inchichtok were a sentient species. They were xenophobic, and had their first contact with the Galactic Republic just prior to 200 BBY. This contact occurred when scout expedition commander Arnoth Draenell and his crew stumbled inadvertently upon the species. Draenell's starship had experienced a hyperdrive malfunction, resulting in reversion to realspace in an unscouted star system, which later became known as the Bissillirus system in the Trax sector. After repairing their hyperdrive, Draenell's crew continued on with their expedition, making a further jump through hyperspace. This journey ended abruptly, however, when they discovered the Inchichtok, who proceeded to kill them.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Inchichtok received a minor mention in the roleplaying game sourcebook, Star Wars Gamemaster Kit, written by Bill Smith and published by West End Games in 1991. This information was later republished in the compilation, Classic Campaigns, in 1994.


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