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A view of the battle from inside the StarSpeeder 1000

One year before the Battle of Yavin,[1] an incident occurred above the orbit of the Galactic Empire's capital, Coruscant, where two fleets, one primarily composed of Venator-class Star Destroyers and ARC fighters, and another composed of ships and battle droids formerly owned by the (then-defunct) Confederacy of Independent Systems, were in battle with each other. A Star Tours-owned StarSpeeder 1000 briefly got involved in the battle when trying to safely deliver a Rebel spy to a Rebel Alliance cell on Coruscant. Even though one of the ships was shot down and underwent atmospheric reentry, the city-planet's surface was unaffected by the battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mission is based on a scenario from the ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, which featured the use of the StarSpeeder 1000 ST-1401. Because of the nature of the ride, the incident above Coruscant is shown randomly, although it is always the last portion of the ride. In large part because of the random nature of the ride, the StarSpeeder 1000's flight number is not given in this article.

The scenario makes it ambiguous as to whether the Imperials and the Rebels were involved in the battle, which fleet each of them were using, or even if it was a real battle to begin with. The orbital battle was similar to the Clone Wars' Battle of Coruscant from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and was likely designed to be an homage to it.


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