Incident at Horn Station is an 18-page comic featured in Star Wars Tales #2. It was written by Dan Jolley, pencilled by Sean Phillips, lettered by Sean Konot, colored by Matthew Hollingsworth, and edited by Peet Janes.

Plot summary[]

A stuttering, nervous-seeming rock miner arrives at Horn Station, requiring emergency repairs on his ship's stabilizer. He is told he'll have to wait two days for a new stabilizer to come in. He goes to the local cantina and meets a friendly Human woman named Kirry and an unfriendly non-Human brute named Kerlo, the latter of whom demands the newcomer's credits. The two go for their guns, and the miner is able to shoot Kerlo down. A Rodian comes in and invites the miner to a showdown against professional blastfighter Shoto Eyefire, tomorrow, just after sunrise. The next day, the miner goes to Shoto's fortress and enters the arena, confronted with two men on high platforms carrying rifles. Shoto enters and, after a few moments, yells "NOW!", and, less than a split second later, is shot in the legs by the miner. The miner takes out a lightsaber and injures the two riflemen, throwing stun grenades around to keep the audience busy. He plants a detonator and leaves, destroying Shoto's fortress. The next day, as the miner-Jedi, dressed in full robes, prepares to leave, Kirry asks for his name. He says he'll tell her next time he sees her, and leaves.


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