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During the Melida/Daan Crisis, various robberies took place at the Jedi Temple. The Jedi High Council ordered Masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl to uncover the thief and present him before the council for judgment.



After being assigned to uncover the culprit, Master Jinn began to compile a list of the items that had been stolen. At first, it was random useless items: a tool box, holo-files of students with names A- H, a teacher's robe, and a sports activity kit. Tahl looked into the missing records, interviewing the two volunteers that helped Curator of Records T'un. Just as they hit a leadless standstill, the disruptor struck again. In the training room used by the senior apprentices, all of the lightsabers had been stolen. This meant that all older Padawans were saberless, and would be less helpful in the event of an attack. Among the torn tunics and rubble, the two Jedi found in red paint upon the wall: COME, YOUR TIME WILL. BEWARE YOU MUST, TROUBLE I AM.

Deciding to alert the rest of the Temple about the intrusion, the entire complex was put on lock down. All apprentices had to receive permission to leave the Temple, and use any facilities outside of their class schedule. Security checks and interviews took place. Rumors spread that the intruder had been spotted in the Temple. Jinn decided that the Temple's security was flawed, in that it relied on the fact that no Jedi would allow an intruder in, with little security inside. Emergency Code Fourteen was announced over the intercom system, calling the investigating Jedi to a small conference room where they found Yoda. He informed them that the Healing Crystals of Fire had been taken from their holding room, a very unsettling crime.

After Jinn's chambers were invaded, the two Jedi compiled a list of two hundred and sixty-seven Jedi and non-Jedi staff that did not have sturdy alibis. After discovering that a smell Tahl had picked up on in Jinn's chambers was the smell of the water from the Lake Level, Jinn and Bant Eerin dove into its depths in order to find the stolen objects. Discovering the lightsabers and a few other trivial items in a water tight container, Jinn decided to use the crate as bait; leaving it underwater and waiting for the thief to return seemed the perfect idea.

Springing the trap[]

The two Jedi sat on the shoreline of the lake and waited; the lights were turned off because no one was supposed to enter any room but for class. When someone did arrive, Jinn discovered it to be none other than Bruck Chun, one of the many students they had interviewed. Following him in quiet, Jinn's plan was foiled when Tahl's droid, a 2JTJ personal navigation droid began to speak. Frightened, Initiate Chun fled but the mission hadn't been a total failure; Tahl had seen a figure following Jinn; though they knew he didn't live at the Temple, the figure seemed familiar with the terrain.

Attack on Yoda[]

When Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had left the Order, requested Jinn's help on Melida/Daan, the Jedi rushed to his aid. While gone, Yoda had gone to meditate in the Room of a Thousand Fountains early in the morning. Entering, he proceeded to head for a small bridge as is typical of him. Before crossing, however, he paused, just as the bridge exploded.

Jinn and Kenobi returned to find the Temple sweltering, and some wings without power. Tech worker Miro Daroon was struggling to keep everything running; every time he fixed something, he found another malfunction. After an unusually icy meeting with the Council, Kenobi, not really a Jedi, went to the Lake Level with Bant. As they walked, a turbolift car, which could not be seen through the blinding glare of the lights above, was heard to have gotten stuck. As the lights below it fell away, the two friends beheld a terrible sight — the car had come out of its shaft and the lives of several initiates were now at risk. While Initiate Eerin summoned the Council, Kenobi entered the shaft via catwalk and aided Ali-Alann in evacuating the clan. Once on the ground, the Masters, who had been helping support the teetering car through the Force, again scolded Kenobi for recklessness and almost bringing the Initiates into needless danger.

After the incident, Daroon discovered the car had undoubtedly been sabotaged. Yoda decided it was time to reveal that the Jedi had accepted a mission from the Galactic Senate; they were holding a large shipment of vertex in the Temple Treasury Room.

Shutting down the Temple[]

"That's right, Obi-Wan. Bant is dying. I won't have to do a thing. I'll just make you watch."
―Bruck Chun, taunting Obi-Wan Kenobi[1]

As Jinn headed for the Temple Tech Center, he felt a great dark side presence in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. As the sabotage grew worse, Daroon determined it was time to shut down two wings of the Temple. He and Qui-Gon Jinn reviewed the Temple diagrams and determined the only solution was to shut down all the Temple systems and restart them—a solution Jedi Daroon hesitated to implement, as it would leave the Temple vulnerable.

Jinn and Kenobi during the incident

After determining that Xanatos, Jinn's old Padawan was involved, both Jedi concluded that watch-teams had to be stationed at all services tunnels that could be used by the Dark Jedi. It was Eerin, however, who noticed the relationship between the attacks and water. The water was pumped through pipes that all joined together, and the pipes from the Lake Level led near the Tech Center. Jinn recruited Kenobi and they continued their mission to thwart Xanatos. Daroon then planned to have all systems shut down for twelve minutes. Eerin proceeded to lead the two others down into the Temple's water purification levels. The water would flood the tunnels every twenty minutes and the drain again. As the trio made their way down the tunnel, they found a service tunnel and followed it until they were suspended on a catwalk above the water purification unit. It was here that Xanatos showed himself; only dueling Jinn and Kenobi briefly before he dove into the rushing water. When the Jedi deduced that Tahl's droid had been reprogrammed to forward information to Xanatos, Jinn asked Ali-Alann and Padawan Garen Muln to disguise themselves as himself and Obi-Wan respectively. As they readied their plans Jinn's comlink chirped, and when he answered, Xanatos spoke from the other end. The Dark Jedi had captured Eerin and was using her as bait by placing her underwater where she would drown after too long.

As the Temple powered down, Jinn and Kenobi waited in the treasury room where Chun and Xanatos were sure to appear. When they did, they engaged in a duel; Kenobi would leave and follow Chun, who had been ordered to kill Eerin. Jinn and Xanatos' dueled into the High Council Chambers where Xanatos shattered the window and jumped out.

The duel in the Room of a Thousand Fountains

Meanwhile, Kenobi chased Chun down the stairs that ran parallel to the High Council turbolift shaft. Eventually, the two found themselves in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, where Kenobi assumed Eerin was being held hostage. Because of the power-down, the great waterfalls ceased to run, but the water had not drained from the pool, and Kenobi managed to spot the different shade of blue in the water; Eerin's tunic. She was chained to the floor below and Chun was trying to disguise this fact. When Chun taunted Kenobi about the death of his friend Cerasi on Melida/Daan, the young Jedi stepped up the attack, forcing Chun up the rocky hill that made up the backside of the waterfall. At the peak, the Padawans dueled for their lives. When Kenobi let go of his anger, he noticed the lights had come back on. The water systems would come next. It was at that moment that the falls erupted back into life; Chun lost his balance on the slippery moss in the waterfall bed and was swept over the edge. Kenobi attempted to help but was too late; he saw Chun hit several rocks before his body fell upon the grass, his neck at an unnatural angle. Saving Eerin, he rushed to help Jinn.

Jinn and Xanatos continued their duel on the Meditation Station outside the Council Room. The Jedi would come to learn that Xanatos rigged the Temple fusion furnace to explode upon Daroon's restart of the air circulation system; only due to Xanatos' arrogance in revealing his plans. Kenobi met up with his master who had allowed Xanatos to escape in order to save the Temple. They raced down through a food transport tube until they made it to the Tech Room. Daroon directed Jinn to the reactor core of the furnace, where Jinn retrieved the Healing Crystals of Fire, which were the key to destroying the Temple. That key removed, the crisis was over.



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