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A minor Incident near Ithor system occurred during the Mandalorian Wars. Zayne Carrick used a debt owned to him by the Mandalorian commander Cassus Fett to make Fett simulate a battle with the Republic task force commanded by Admiral Saul Karath. However, his true purpose was to capture Captain Dace Golliard of the Crucible's starship Gladiator and force him to revel the location of Osadia where Carrick's friend Jarael was located. Golliard hid his slave ship behind an asteroid, waiting to pick up lifepods and ships left after the battle. However, after attracting the Republic forces into the area, the Mandalorian fleet avoided the battle, jumping into hyperspace and allowing Carrick to communicate with Karath, who then proceeded to capture the Gladiator and its captain.


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