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Incinerator stormtroopers, often referred to as incinerator troopers, were an elite specialized variant of stormtrooper, distinguished by the red markings on their armor, which made them resemble Palpatine's shock troopers.


They were equipped with green-tinted visors on their helmets and powerful plasma rifles, alongside Oppressor flamethrowers and Mortar launchers .[1][2] Cloned from a Human stock, incinerator stormtroopers were raised with intense urges to burn and destroy.[3] They were equipped with powerful plasma rifles to burn down entire villages and cities. Their stormtrooper armor was exceptionally heat-resistant, able to withstand high temperatures. The armor bore red markings, similar to the shock troopers, in order to indicate their speciality. They were also equipped with the standard E-11 blaster rifle, SE-14r blaster pistol, and thermal detonators. Although they usually relied on Oppressor flamethrowers to destroy their targets, it was not unusual for them to destroy their targets solely with thermobaric canisters and mortar launchers.[2]

Incinerator stormtroopers were sent on missions where an example needed to be made. They would march into settlements and burn them to the ground, leaving nothing standing. They did not hesitate to even ignite any bystanders.[3]

Clone flame troopers may have been the inspiration for these stormtroopers.


As dissent grew amongst the Empire's member systems, the Empire needed a way to make an example of systems. The Empire cloned incinerator stormtroopers from a Human's genetic stock, with the intention to turn them into psychopathic pyromaniacs. As they were raised they were trained to develop an incredible desire to burn and destroy. Sent on missions to burn down villages and incite panic, they were usually accompanied by Darth Vader, although they were known to operate without him.[3]

They were sent to Kashyyyk around 2 BBY to quell any potential uprisings during the construction of the Wookiee slave Skyhook.[3] A number of them were also present during the Imperial occupation of Felucia.

The incinerator stormtroopers were also largely responsible for the Ash Ruination of New Plympto, which they won solely with thermobaric canisters and mortar launchers. According to Han Solo, they also were responsible for the destruction of Kepitenochan.[2]

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Two figures of incinerator troopers are packaged with Darth Vader in a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed action figure pack.

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the incinerator trooper can be unlocked as a secret costume using the code "PHOENIX".



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