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"Jedi do not attack the unarmed."

Indara's lightsaber, otherwise known as Indara's saber, was the personal green-bladed lightsaber of Jedi Master Indara.



Indara's lightsaber,[1] or simply Indara's saber,[4] was the cylindrical hilted and a single[2] green bladed[1] lightsaber owned by Jedi Master Indara.[2] The weapon was powered by a kyber crystal.[3] The lightsaber symbolized the Jedi Order's purpose as guardians of the galaxy when carried on Jedi Master Indara's belt. Three gold bands were present on the lightsaber's silver hilt.[1]


"A Jedi doesn't pull her weapon unless prepared to kill."
―Mae-ho Aniseya[2]

Mae-ho Aniseya reaches for Indara's lightsaber during their duel.

In 132 BBY,[5] Indara had her lightsaber while at the Lomi Usqi Noodle Shop on[2] the planet[6] Ueda. As Indara sat at a table in the noodle shop's corner, the Force-sensitive assassin Mae-ho Aniseya approached her and requested to fight the Jedi. Indara initially refused but, after Aniseya scuffled with the shop's other patrons, engaged in combat with Aniseya. As the fight progressed, Indara caught Aniseya's wrist as she reached for the Jedi Master's lightsaber. Aniseya broke away and attempted to grab the lightsaber again, though Indara dodged the subsequent attempt.[2]

Aniseya fled to the shop's second floor, where Indara pursued and continued their confrontation. After the assassin placed a distance between the two, the assassin threw a set of three knives at the Jedi Master, who ignited her lightsaber and sliced each knife out of the air. Indara then advanced toward Aniseya with the blade pointed at the assassin, warning her not to continue her actions. Aniseya reminded Indara that a Jedi does not ignite their lightsaber unless prepared to kill, to which Indara lowered her lightsaber and exited her attack stance.[2]


Indara holds her lightsaber in an attack stance.

Cabuck, the barkeep, made a noise at[2] his[7] station, earning the attention of the two assailants. The assassin threw one of her knives at the barkeep, forcing Indara to catch the blade with the Force. With Indara's defense down, Aniseya lodged a knife into the Jedi Master's chest. Indara's lightsaber retracted and fell from her hand. After Indara collapsed to the ground next to her lightsaber, the assassin departed, leaving the lightsaber behind.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"As we meet Mae, the music's much more percussive and especially as the fight begins, it's really primitive but also a bit kinetic. Then, when the lightsaber is drawn, there's a harkening back to traditional Star Wars language there."
Michael Abels[8]

Indara's lightsaber first appeared in "Lost / Found,"[2] the first episode of the first season of the live-action series The Acolyte, which premiered June 4, 2024.[9] It was first previewed earlier in the year on March 18 in a StarWars.com article that debuted a poster for the series that featured the lightsaber.[10] The lightsaber was identified as "Indara's saber" in the The Acolyte's official Production Brief, which was posted May 28, 2024.[4] It was later specified as "Indara's lightsaber" in its Databank entry on StarWars.com,[1] which was posted by June 5, 2024.[11]

It was essential to Carrie-Anne Moss, Indara's actress, to get the lightsaber correct. Unexpectedly to Moss, the training to make handling the lightsaber look effortless was the most stressful moment of filming The Acolyte, with the experience nearly bringing Moss to tears. She made Leslye Headland, the creator of the series, promise they would continue reshooting until it was perfect. She practiced in her hotel room with a broomstick.[12] Headland cast Moss for the role of Indara with the intention of viewers seeing Trinity, a character from the The Matrix film series played by Moss, with a lightsaber.[13]


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