The Independence Faction was a political faction within the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Separatist Senate during the Clone Wars. Based on the planet Raxus with the rest of the senate, the Independence Faction was made up of a handful of senators who were unhappy with life in the Confederacy and considering a bid for full independence and neutrality in the war.[1]

Some of the senators in the Faction wished to leave as they could no longer support the actions of the Confederacy's leader, Count Dooku. Others represented worlds that suffered under Separatist rule and were desperate to escape. A select few members of the Independence Faction threatened independence simply to gain attention and influence within the Senate, a tactic that had served many senators well in the Galactic Republic's Senate.[1]

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The Independence Faction was first mentioned in Rise of the Separatists, a 2019 supplement to Fantasy Flight Games' series of Star Wars roleplaying products.[1]


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