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The Indomitable was a Majestic-class heavy cruiser[1] that served as command ship of Task Force Aster in the New Republic's Fifth Battle Group. It participated in the campaign against Zsinj.[1] Years later, it fought at the Battle of Doornik-319,[2] and at the Battle of ILC-905 during the Black Fleet Crisis.[3]

Indomitable was directly commanded by Commodore Brand, the task force commander; Captain Theb Tobbra served as first officer,[4] and Lieutenant Threld was another member of the bridge crew.[5] The starfighters included the E-wings of the 16th Fighter Squadron and the K-wings of the 24th Bombardment Squadron.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Indomitable was first identified as a Majestic-class heavy cruiser in the Black Fleet Crisis FAQ at author Michael P. Kube-McDowell's website. In the trilogy, she is described as a "star cruiser" on her first mention in Shield of Lies and subsequently simply as a "cruiser". This information was later supported by The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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