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This article is about a planet. You may be looking for other things and people named San.

Indu San was an Outer Rim Territories planet in the Indu San system inhabited by Humans. It was part of the Galactic Republic.


Its first Imperial Governor, Stant Roswell, achieved a smooth transition of regime. Its second Imperial Governor, Ekam Ouwray, was a New Order fanatic, resulting in rebellion of the populace. Ouwray fled the planet, which was liberated by the New Republic. The Chief Councilor of the Indu Council, President Shek Barayel, was convinced to sign a treaty, joining the New Republic. However, before he could do so, Brarayel was assassinated by Imperial loyalist Kaleb Darme, who tried to frame the New Republic. The truth was exposed by Kella Rand of the Galactic News Network.

The local day lasted 25 standard hours; the year lasted 382 local days.




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